predictions for the season

11-7 for hamilton 2nd in the est
Team will take till Labour day to Get real good but roll off 5 wins including Labour day .

1 L
2 W
4 L
5 W
6 W
7 L
8 L
1st part of the season 3-4
10 W Labour day Start of 5 game win Streak
11 W
12 W
13 W
14 W
15 L
16 L
17 W
18 L
19 W
20 W

11 W-7 L 2nd in the East .

My prediction:

Robofan209 AKA Onknight will abandon the Ticats yet again.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Funny how this thread suddenly died...

no one wants to actually make a prediction. It’s just for fun. Post some numbers and we will see who is closest after the game. Fabulous prizes, trips, cars to be won! :wink:

Looks like a Western domination of the CFL this year. Probably a West crossover and two west team in the GC.

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Beam me up, Scotty.

I'm thinkin' 6 & 12. After watching the rest of the teams this is a realistic estimate. Hope I'm wrong but I don't see this team as a contender this season. Too much inexperience.

I predict the Ticats will win some games this year. :wink:

If the Tiger-Cats win two games before Labor Day they are doing good and after Labor Day I predict 4-5 wins probably finish around 12 to 14 points on the season and maybe around third in the East, lots of if's still with the O-Line, QB and so on but it's a young team that's gaining experience each game,the defence is good but needs some work on the rush and QB sacks, I agree with Austin a forced pass or play on the QB can be just as good as a sack but we need more of the forced rush on the QB.