Predictions for the remainder of the cats season?

Predictions for the remainder of the cats season?

What do you think the cat’s record will be at the end of the season. From what I understand there are seven games left, if we win all 7 losses 5 or 6 of there remaining 7 games do we earn a play-off spot?..Or is it already too late even mathematically for us to enter the playoffs

Sorry...your goose is cooked...

The crossover is not likely to work cause the 3rd place western team is 9 pts. ahead of you (4.5 games)

In the east, someone would have to tank it big time. With Bishop back its not likely that Toronto could be caught. Montreal is 10 pts up and already won the tie breaker soooooo.....

printers will give you a good run but even at 5-3 the rest of the way it only gives you 12 pts.

Be patient next year the playoffs are a lock!

well If the cats manage to win the remainder of their games (inlikely) and the argos lose 4 of their next 7 (also unlikely) we can make the playoffs. It is very unlikely but still possible I guess . I figure the two back to back losses to the argos were the make or break for our season. If we had won even one of the two games the argos would only have 6 pts with us at 4 which would not be so difficult to overcome. Instead we have 2 pts and they have 8. Next season we will make the playoffs without a doubt. Provided they dont something catastrophically stupid like trade Lumsden or Printers, we should also look at improving our O-line and Defensive secondary.