Predictions for the Lions/Winnipeg season opener?

Lions open their season against Winnipeg this Friday June 29. I predict the Lions will beat Winnipeg by at least 14. I think the Lions will be unstoppable this year!


My prediction is a Lions win. I really hope Geroy breaks the record that night as well. I’m coming down from Prince George to see the game… and I’d love to be there when he makes history.

Since i moved to Prince George almost 2 months ago now… I’ve been trying to work out my schedule to fit trips back down to the coast to see games. While doing so… I couldn’t help thinking back to last season and the thread someone started about the Lions having home games on Saturday nights where they might conflict with Canuck games and how this would cost the team fans. Well games that aren’t on Sat. nights are costing the team fans. I know I’m probably in a VERY small minority now of out of towners that would make trips to the city just to see games, but i now think all home games should be Sat. nights. Those are the only ones where people like me can make the 900km trip to be there. I will be there for this one Friday night game, thankfully. I had to take the day off to make the trip, but i had to be there when Geroy tries to break the record. The only other games i will be there for are the Sat. night games. :frowning: Going to be tough to go from all 9 games a season down to just 5.

You're in luck this season Chronicguy! 5 of 9 home games will be played on either Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully Sunday works for you. Enjoy the game this Friday. Glad to see such loyalty.

While I am an Als fan, I definitely believe that BC will be the best team of the CFL in 2012; as I wrote before,I will be surprised if they lose more than 4 games. Als versus BC in Grey Cup.

For this friday’s game, I expect BC to win by no less than 17 points.

Have a great season.


The sunday game doesn't work for me :frowning: With a 7pm finish, it would be 5am or so by the time i get back to PG with my shift at work starting just 3 hours later... and $418 is too much for a round trip flight just to be at the game.

Until the CFL season is over the Lions get priority over the Canucks with me. With only an 18 game schedule every football game means more than the Canucks 82 game schedule. Besides, the Canucks don't start to get good until around late November/early December lol.

I am predicting that the Lions will win this one by a margin of at least 2 TD's. Geroy isn't the type of player thats concerned with padding his stats and is a team first player, but I think he's going to be a huge factor in this game. Lulay will get him the yards to set the record so that they can get the "monkey off their backs" early. BC is going to dominate this game on time of possession. History will be made.

Trying to be objective without appearing like a homer....but...You have to like BC at Home, the offensive weapons, almost the same defense as last year (an "upgrade" in DB's actually), you have to go with BC by at least 10 points.

Hope Geroy gets the record Friday night.

Simon will be up against Hefney perhaps? to see Geroy break the record. Adam Bighill starts at MLB - Lions by 11

I hope you're right about the "upgrade" in DB's.... however... i didn't like those signings when they happened and still i'm not sold on them yet. Let's not forget that those 2 made up 40% of the starting DB's in Toronto, where their D was brutal against the pass last year. Last in passing 1st downs against, pass yards against, completion % against and avg. gain per pass against. The only two categories they weren't last in were INT's (6th) and passing TD's against (3rd).

That being said... I think you're right about the Lions by 10+