Predictions for the last 6 games

This has been a crazy year. How will we finish?
We are not a good/consistent team, but have shown signs of being good. Our defensive has been weak, but recently against BC and Ottawa have came up big.The same with our offense.
It would not be a total shock if we go 0-6, but I doubt it.
I predict 4-2 and finish 9-9, most likely 3rd place as Montreal has already won the season series.
Winnipeg- loss
Toronto-win ( Argos come off already clinching first)
Montreal-win ( possibly Montreal already clinched 2nd?)

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WPG - Lose
Tor - Lose
Cal - Bo back - W
Ssk - W
Bc - L
MTL - W (meaningless)


2 wins. BC, MTL.

2 wins. Cgy and Sask.
4 losses.
Finish 7 - 11 Calgary crossover.
Toronto and BC in Grey Cup
Toronto wins GC

Then think about 2024.

Good call, I agree. But possibility of an Edmonton crossover

If we beat CAL and they still cross over, they have to win 8 games to our 7. They would have to go 4-0 against MTL, SSK, @BC, WPG. A team that finishes like that should be formidable in the playoffs. Probably still not good enough to beat a rested TOR at home though.

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I think EDM is dead and gone. Even I f we go 0-6, EDM would have to go 3-2 in their remaining 5 games. Their schedule is: at SSK, vs BC, at TOR, vs MTL, at WPG - the five teams that are .500 or better. If we happen to go 1-5 they need to go 4-1. I know some of those teams may rest some guys here or there, but I don’t see everyone playing dead.

I think CGY has a little more of a chance than EDM, but even that hinges on them beating us Sep 30. If we go 0-6 they need to go 2-3 in their remaining 5 games and would obviously have 1 win from beating us if we were winless. That would mean they need 1 more win in the other 4 games which are: vs MTL, vs SSK, at BC, vs WPG. Again, all 4 are against the .500 or better teams. If we beat CGY but only go 1-5 they’d need to go 3-1 against that gauntlet of a schedule.

I think OTT and EDM are dead and gone. If we beat CGY I think they’re dead and gone too. Where it gets interesting is if we lose to CGY. We would have 5 remaining games, all against teams that are .500 or better and CGY would have 4 games to play. CGY would only need to win 1 more game than us to sneak past us and there’s a good chance we would both be underdogs in every one of the remaining games.


If we beat CGY we go to 6 wins; CGY is at 4 today. CGY has 4 other games and would need to win 3 to get to 7. So, if we beat CGY and go 1-5 down the stretch, they’d need to go 3-1.

All that said, I agree with the likelihood being very low (implied?) and with the fact that if they do win 3 of those 4 they’d be on a nice roll heading into the playoffs.

I think I said this in another thread but if we win 2 games and 1 is against Calgary, we’re probably in.

Hamilton loses to Winnipeg
Then they win the next 6 including the Grey Cup without giving up a touchdown.


I’d say if we win 1 and it’s against CGY we’re most likely in. If we win 2 and 1 of them is against CGY it’s going to take a miracle for CGY to go 4-0 and knock us out.

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I love your optimism, but I think you’re missing a couple games in there. Can they win 8 in a row?

Who freaking knows. This season the Cats are more bipolar than my exgirlfriend.

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You dated her too? Wow!


Agreed. I was responding to a prediction that we beat SSK and CAL and no one else, meaning we finish 7-11. In that scenario, CAL needs to be perfect in its remaining games to go 8-10.

I stand corrected. They lose to Winnipeg, Toronto and Calgary.

probably 3-3…

interesting note, same time last year we caught Winnipeg in a trap game - big emotional win over Sask then they came here with a bye week staring at them after. Exact same scenario as this year with the added caveat that the unofficial biggest/first place (& only time they meet in reg.season) game - bombers vs argos - follows their bye week. We could catch them overlooking us.
Then to add to this if Toronto beats the Als this week they lock up first place in east. We play the argos next week and the following week again presents that big Argo/Bomber showdown.
If we play solid physical football over the next two games we could catch two great teams possibly overlooking us.
We can dream…right


Apparently we have an 87% chance of making the playoffs, a 37% chance of hosting a playoff game, a 5% chance of appearing in the Grey Cup, and a 0.59% chance of winning it all.

CFL Simulation: Trying to gauge playoff-built teams -


Winnipeg is a win as they defy all the odds…they get a road W in TO but drop the game in Calgary ,win at home vs Roughriders and BC ,while losing last game in MONTREAL and still end up in third despite going 4-2. Taylor Powell continues to improve as part of this turn around!

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Home to Bombers , squeak out a win.
Toronto ,loss, we don’t want to show them our stuff yet….
Home to Stamps, big win
In Regina, loss
BC ,win by a lot
In Montréal, Win ……& home field for semi ,