Predictions for the Finals

What a couple of great games yesterday (excitement wise). The Cats game was a nail biter the west semi was just a joy to relax and watch. I expect next week to be similar.
If we advance to the Grey Cup (or when) I really would hate to face the Riders in there home park!
But I dont think that is going to happen. The east final is going to be a barn burner for sure. With no weather to consider both sides will put on an aerial display. Ray against Hank looks to be a classic. If Kackert can not go for the Argos that will be a plus to Hamilton. Defence is going to be the key I think. If it comes down to kicking FGs well lets not think of that!
Hamilton 28 Toronto 24
Calgary and Sask are going to be fun to watch. Don`t know what the weather will be like but it could be a factor.
The Riders have the added incentive off hosting a home GC if they win but Calgary has a home field for this one.
If it comes down to running Cornish will be the man if Sask can not stop him. (how obvious). If Sasks can grasp some of the early execution they showed in the early season (with the 8 wins in a row) we are in for a thriller.
Calgary 26 Sask 24
What say you!

I'm going with the safe bet: two teams will win and two teams will lose on Sunday.

Sorry, my real thoughts are a Hamilton Calgary Grey Cup. This would be the first meeting of these two teams in Cup history. A real landmark event. 8)

I agree…Hamilton and Calgary…

(but, it won’t be a first…98 and 99 )

Mike had a brain fart. Thanks for not rubbing it in. :oops:

I also agree. Cats Stamps for the 101st. The QB's would give the talking heads lots of story lines to beat to death too.

I think, I’ll make my predictions after the Toronto game. I’m not looking past Ricky Ray and the Argos. We might have had their number all season, but even with Durie out, they are dangerous.



No prediction yet on the Grey Cup......lots of time for that.....stay posted!!!!!! :cowboy:

Where did you hear that Durie is out?

I am sure he must have meant kackert.