Predictions for the final pre-season games...

Just so we get away from the endless expansion and let's hold a game in Ottawa topic, here is who I will think will win this weekend's final pre-season games:


I predict they will be dull and boring like last weeks! :wink: I also predict that the coaches will be able to make their final cuts after seeing their respective squads performance! :wink:

LOL, true, but anything to get away from the other beat dead horse topics around here

...'beat dead horses'....I don't like the sound of that subject...

Quit picking on the horse! :lol:

...after this the west I predict one team will be 2-0, two teams will be 1-1, and one team will be the east I predict all the teams will be 1-1... a little side note....and i don't want to suggest that this has anything to do with the pre-season games in 07....i remember back in the 'day'...can't pin point the year....that the Bud Grant Bombers were defeated 58 - Zip in one of these encounters...and then went on to win the Cup that year.......go figure..... :lol: :wink:

i just started listening to the argo / als game...whats goin on, fill me in..hows damon so far, and hows the als receivers.

In the preseason, underdogs win most of the games. But in the regular season, favorites win the majority.

I hope your prediction is correct! (Lions 0-2) :wink: