Predictions for the 2019 season?

I don’t respond on here very much. Mostly read what others say. With all the changes,
such as Alex Green being cut, their linebackers signing in Edmonton with free agency , June jones gone just days before training camp, and now Jalen Saunders cut , and with Tommy Condell now
offensive coordinator , I’m going to go out on a limb and say they wont be as good this year as last.
I feel the defence may not be as strong because of weaker line backers, and that the offence wont have the motion they had last year with Condell if he drops the run and shoot , and decides to not run the ball . We had the best receivers combo in the league and 3 of them wont be their this year. Every year it seems they make changes that disrupt the chemistry on the team and we never seem to get better as their record is always the same , 500 or under. I Hope I m wrong and they field a fun team to watch with a winning record, but I am not holding my breath.

I think Condell coming to the Cats this time of year is a far better situation then when he left about this time of year the last time around.

I don’t see the release of Saunders or Green as problematic for the future.

JJ won’t be missed for his play calling ability or knowledge of the game. I’d take Condell over JJ any day.

I do share the concern with too much change, especially if the system (offense) is revised so much that Jeremiah has trouble adjusting etc.

Anything short of a Grey Cup apperance would disappoint me.

We’ve retained most of our key pieces from last year, and added some talent through free agency. More importantly, the East is terrible. Ottawa has a completely different team from last year, and Montreal and Toronto are still disasters.

I know we’ve said this a lot in the past decade, but the Ticats really should be able to take advantage of the lack of talent out here in the East.

I thought Condell basically ran Austin’s offence last time around. Also, they had differences in philosophy that led to Condell’s departure, passed off as “family pressures?. Patazek’s (sp?) lack of input into the offence as OC kind of reinforced that opinion.

IMO, it was Austin’s offence that took away the running game, and used the RB basically as a blocker, along with a FB, who was virtually a sixth O-lineman. When defences shut down the passing game, we were toast. When Collaros lost his mobility, he was just a sitting duck.

I suppose now, it’s up to Orlondo as to whether we have a running game or not. Getting rid of Green might be a clue that Orlondo is going to lean to a passing game, or that Masoli might be expected to scamper more, like Reilley did in Edmonton? Training camp should give us some clues.


You can't be sure about the lack of talent in the East. What do any of us really know about the new players and coaches that other teams acquire during the off-season? It's not like Popp and Desjardins have been sitting around with their thumb up their butt and not actively trying to improve their teams.

CFL teams can turn it around in just one season. From 2016-2018 the Argos went from Zero to Hero and then back to Zero again.

The Cats will still have to compete hard to earn their stripes in 2019.

Not hosting final is a major disappointment …

not hosting the semi would be an unqualified failure.

Team has talent, experience and smart football people in place.

No compelling reasons or excuses this team can’t be upper tier

True, the other eastern teams may end up being better than expected.

I just feel like Ottawa lost too much to truly compete. The Argos and Als have been going downhill for years now. The 2017 Grey Cup win by the Argos was a bit of a fluke IMO, and covered up for the lack of talent on the team. They were average at best all season, had an easy path to the Grey Cup (taking advantage of a weak East), and played a great 4th quarter when it counted in the final.

Even if the rest of the division is great, I'd still think the Ticats should make it to the Cup. Like Onemoredork said, there's no reason this shouldn't be an upper tier team in the league.

Prediction is 11-7 and hosting the east final. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( the old prognosticator)

But...But...We then wouldn't host the semi-final, which would be an unqualified failure...

Just joking, OMD!

I’d say Grey Cup appearance off the backs of a weak East division. The Als are still a tire fire, the Argos are without Ricky Ray, so they are back in QB purgatory and I feel Jennings is a downgrade who favors sideline passes. From there, it’s anyone’s game.

It will be another season that fans from the West scream for the divisions to be dissolved.

Not winning the Grey Cup would be a disappointment.

I predict we will be the strongest team in the East. But the West is going to be real
Strong and there is a good chance that if Hamilton hosts the Eastern Final it will be
Against a Western team. Could this be the year of two Western teams in the Cup?
Sure hope Hamilton has something to say about that!

Min 10 wins and hosting the EF. Same thing I (many of us) said last year which was really nothing short of a let down.

The elephant in the room is that we have a Head Coach with zero previous years as a professional Head Coach. Doesn't guarantee bad things, but certainly a cause to be measured in our optimism.

I had the same thought safetyblitz, but then, Orlondo has surrounded himself with experienced co-ordinators and coaches. I’m thinking, maybe hoping, he’s going to give them the opportunity to run their operations, while he sets the tone and general philosophy.

To Orlondo’s credit, he has been with a number of teams in different leagues besides the CFL. I’m hoping that will work in our favour.

He also acted as the HC during the game that Austin was suspended for a couple of years ago. I don’t recall any glaring missteps he made during that game.

I think we are good enough to take the East. But don’t have enough Offence to beat the
likes of Winnipeg. We’ll see.

It really boils down to our O-line. If they’re the best in the league or close to it we’ll be competitive. If not Masolis shortcomings will be magnified and we’ll fall short in the latter stages of the game.

I agree, Masoli can do only do so much running and that is where the injury factor comes in.