predictions for Sunday

Okay , we did this last week and got some close predictions. I'll start it off with a 36-32 BC win

If we rush 4 and line up our DBs & LBs at 7 yds to stop all the short passes that are Calvillos bread & butter, while keeping an eye on the backfield then........34-27 for the Lions.

If not then 37-23 for Baltimore/Montreal

Lions 27- Als 24

It will be a close affair for the most part and the Als, who will be down early, storm back but can't close the deal on the final drive....Lions pull of the impossible and make it to the Grey Cup!!!!

I will take B.C. by 7 points or less. [based on the last 2 games these teams played against each other]

Late minute touchdown drive by the Al's who are down by 3 with less than 1 minute to play. Colburne takes a handoff up the middle only to bust it to the outside and scamper 9 yards on a 2nd and 2 play. Then again this play could be in reverse and the lions take it in on an Ian Smart toss to the wideside. Good luck!

Als - 39
BC 16
Unable to stop the Run , Printers unable to handle the large crowd and no back up QB when Casey goes down with a Injury late in the 2nd Quarter.

20-16 Leos, Casey yet again passes for 300+ yards, and the Eskishmoes still have to sit at home and watch some other team win the grey cup. Oh snap!

35-18 Lions. THe defence will once again show up and this time play the full 60 minutes. Casey goes for 300+ once again.