Predictions for Season Opener in Regina

While pay back would be great. Remember our last visit to Regina in November. I think while we tighten things up considerably the final Sunday will be Roughriders 32 Ti Cats 26. Hey but you know that PAY BACK is coming!!

I predict, WE WIN!!! 24-16 :thup: :rockin: :thup:

If I'm not mistaken Zach Collaros won his last game in Regina and he is going to win this one 29-27

I think we win handily. By atleast 2 scores. Part revenge but mostly from the Roughies losing too many key players.

I would also like to see us run up the score. 50-1 final would partially make me forget the game which should not talk of.

Riders 30 Cats 10

Cats get smoked no way Zack or the O-line is ready

Riders D is just too good

Sorry robo, go back to your lions

Cats 27 Riders 20

Cats win not by much but riders are all cross eyed over grey rings etc and first game of season upsets are bound to happen plus the remaining players on the cats will have a lil extra chip on their shoulders

It's just that we're historically slow out of the gate. Come September when the 'riders come here we'll be getting our payback. I have no doubt.

Keep the offense simple for Collaros I say otherwise the Green Machine and their fans will romp over us. If we keep the mistakes to a minimum including stupid penalites, we could very well eke out a win. Otherwise we aren't going to win.

That's because we haven't seen as solid a core of players and coaches transition from one year to the next since the Danny Mac and Ron Lancaster days of the late 90's...until now!

Medlock kicks last second FG to win it 24-21.

I don't think we are ready yet, The offense will be vanilla until they get the O-line blocking fixed and our secondary and linebackers need time to gel. Sorry, but Sask 45 Ham 10.


I think we have the better team. Actually, I'm confident that we have the better team.

However, Saskatchewan is a tough place to play and we seem to be severely snake-bitten when it comes to season openers (haven't won one since '04).

Riders: 23
'Cats: 20

I'd love to be wrong. Still haven't watched a single highlight of that Grey Cup game. Too painful.

For me, this will be am internal Tiger-Cat battle between Kent Austin's reputation for preparedness vs. the performance and execution of a plethora of new, young, inexperienced talent coming off of the traditionally short CFL training camp.

For me, the spectrum for Tiger-Cat expectations in this game is a broad one this year. Nothing will surprise me.

I just rewatch Hedley's halftime performance on Youtube. It was very good.

Agree Captain Hedley is very good at what they do even though I don't particularly care for their music all that much. From a music aspect, I am much more looking for to see Spoon at Supercrawl then I would if Hedley was the main act at Supercrawl. But that's just me. Now if they could manage to get Dan Boeckner along as well with Britt and do some Divine Fits material, that would even be more awesome. Or his new stuff as Operators.

Sweet revenge!!!!! Medlock wins it with a last second score.....Cats-28...Riders-26 :smiley: :rockin:

This young football Team especially at QB
where experience is king timing is everything a short pre season
The Cats will start 1-2 Losses to Riders and Stamps a win in Edmonton. then win at Home vs Ottawa.

The 1st part of 2014 season the new cats will need time to jell .
The cats are staying out west till after the Calgary game
this will help them jell a bit but till till labour day for Team to Roar.

I just can’t see wins vs West Teams like BC Saskatchewan and Calgary the 1st part of the season.
after labor day they will change .

It looks like Onknight here has all the answers. We may as well not bother watching a game till September. Right Tom?

Riders are not the same team that beat the Cats and won the Grey Cup last year many players from that team are now gone like Sheets, Dressler so on and others from key positions but still a good team, if the Cats can score early and take the crowd out of the game and the defence can sack Durant and hold the line, running game and special teams make the plays, I would say Cats 28 - Riders 14.