Predictions for Saturday's game

I'll hold you to that. :smiley:

I dont know. Edmonton has re-united the Ray Maas commentary circle. although machocia doesn't help. With MY level of uncertainty in edmontons oline, and sasks dline... i say this game goes either way.

maybe 24 - 21 esks... or 27 - 24 riders ?

I completely disagree wuth you that Hunt had a terrible season, He had a an average season, which for him is not what we expected, BUT he had an Awesome post season, and is a large reason we won that cup.

Yep. Reggie was awful last year. That is why, despite playing hurt, and actually missing a few games due to injury, he was still a West All-star…
That said, Anton McKenzie should do a nice job at that position. Fred Perry–well so far, we have nobody to replace Fred. It looks like Kiwana will be given the opportunity, and we will see. But Fred was simply a monster at that position the last two years. Will Crandell light it up? I hope by that it is meant he won’t be the worst starting QB in the league…I personally have him rated as the 10th to 12 best QB in the league. Anything surpassing that will be “lighting it up” in my book…
As for Ken being nearly the same as Kent, I do find it interesting that Kent was seen as a genius, a godsend, a miracle worker by some, but often those same people think we won’t miss him. For me, I think we won’t miss him that much, if at all, but primarily because he was not a genius, a godsend or a miracle worker…
Which leads me to my prediction. No scores. Couldn’t care less about the score. But I have pencilled us in to start the year at 5-2, maybe only 4-3. But if we start by losing to Edmonton, at home, that could swing to 2-5 in a heartbest. So we will win, because we are a better football team than Edmonton, especially on our home turf.

I do think Reggie had a sub-par year. Now I suspect some of that is related to injury and some is related to other injuries.

There is doubt in my mind that Reggie was the leader of the linebackers, and I suspect took a little more leadership role when Eddie Davis got hurt. This lead to him playing hurt and having a sub-par year.

Can he be replaced, well the linebackers have an extra year behind them. And we have more experience in the backfield. We do lose something in leadership though.

No moving on to Crandell. I agree with Arius, anything close to being in the top 5 will be a major statement. I don’t know if he had it or not, that is a wait and see.

Now the prediction, I suspect the riders win. But don’t expect a blow out. Unless the defence stops Edmonton dead.

Starting the season at 5-2 with the 12th best QB and with every team wanting to de-throne the reigning Grey Cup champs........ sweeeet....GO RIDERS

Two parter. Which starting QBs in the league do you think Marcus is better than. And beyond starters, is he better than some of the back-ups (eg. Bishop, DD, JJ)
And If we go 5-2, I assume Marcus is playing better than "#12", and I included that aspect in my analysis.
Anyway, in the first 7 games, we only play twice against teams that on paper are tough--BC and TO. We get TO at home, so we can/should win. We get a home and home with Calgary, which is the possible 4-3 vs. 5-2.. Edm, Montreal, Ham.--on paper the 3 worst teams in the league. 5-2 isn't all that impressive--we have a sweetheart schedule to start. We could even be 7-2 just like last year. It gets way tougher from there...(eg. we could go 0-4 in Sept.)

All Marcus needs to do is get the ball in the hand of the recievers, thats it!! He doesn't need to be super-man. So he doesn't have speed. He makes up for that by hos accurate passing (at least hes more accurate then KJ) So relax and have some faith. I think we'll be as good if not better then we were last season.

Go Riders

While what you say is partly true(cliche in fact), the best predicter of future performance remains past performance. Marcus Crandell after 11 years in the league has never before been this "accurate passer" I keep hearing about, yet now he is going to be. I thought he was somewhere between bad and terrible as a starter in Calgary. He has a career 55% completion ratio, more interceptions than TDs, and a career rating of 75--none of which excite me or make me have faith that this year, he will be better.
On the other hand, Bishop was 11-1 as a starter last year, and Jackson was successful with BC, and I don't think very highly of them either. So a team can have success with mediocre QBing. And Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl, proving you can win with terrible QBing. And Edmonton has missed the play-offs two years running with the best QB. So yes, as long as Crandell plays within himself, we can have success. And as a person, I think Crandell is a solid guy, class act type, so if he is this years Cinderella story, good for him!! I am just afraid it is 3 minutes to midnight...


Riders 26 Eskimos 24

Based on past performances,Ray,Burris and Glenn will be the top rated QB’s in 2008 and that’s fine, but as far as Calvillo/Brady/Banks,Printers/Williams,Joseph/Bishop and what their teams can offer as an offense,i’ll take an average talent such as Crandell, surround him by extraordinary talent and watch that man excel,that’s why this game is a team sport…GO RIDERS

I predict a repeat of the last preseason game for the riders and esks!!!

Great post, deflated, I agree. There a few that want us to have a different starting QB, but I feel that Crandell can have a good season. Instead of bemoaning the fact that Crandell is the starter, why not support him now that he is the no. 1 guy here. Its one thing to be critical, but quite another just to run him down and wait for him to fail-- the season hasn't even started yet! Why not wait a few games before you throw him under the bus- you know that he is a slow starter, so lets get behind him, after all, he is not the worst starting QB we've had, unless some of you have forgotten about Jordan, Adams, Nealon and the rest of the guys on the carousel since Lancaster retired in 1978.

No, he is far from the worst starter since 1978...not even top 20 worst...but he is the worst starting QB since 2001 when we had Marvin Graves. We heard a lot of the same things that year as we heard this year. "We won't miss Burris much...Marvin played well to end the year in 2000..we'll be fine" Well we weren't fine, and Graves was done. Now I think Marcus is better than Graves. But better than Cavillo, Printers, or KJ? Not so! Which makes me wonder what was so great about Deflated's post? Extraordinary talent? Until Matt and Mike get back, we have no idea whether or not we have any receivers past Fantuz and Flick. Cates is only okay. The oline will need to be much better than last year before anyone can say they are extraordinary. I expect the defence to hold us in games and Marcus to be solid. But excel? Surprise me!!
And I am not, and will not throw him under the bus. I guarantee if he does start slow, I'll be one of the last people at Taylor Field, home of the fickle fans who booed Lancaster in his last home game ever, still supporting Marcus. I've never in my life called for a QB to be pulled after a slow start. But there is a vast difference between throwing him under a bus and holding him up to false expectations.

I have to agree with Arius on this one and add that it is making a big assumption that our receivers and running backs and oline will be that much better then any other teams. Yes we have a good 1-2-3 in receiving with Fantuz, Flick and Matt. However, I would not say those three are any better or any worse then the top three from BC, Calgary, Winnipeg, and likely Toronto. In terms of running backs, I would not put Cates in the same league right now as Reynolds, Roberts or Smith. The oline are all equal.

So where do the riders get extra points, maybe on the 4th to 6th recievers, that is if one of the new guys can step it up and Getzlaf and/or one of the other Canadians can pick up a big piece of the slack.

Now where does that leave us. Realistically, we took a quarterback who had better career stats then Crandell and made him the MOP and won the grey cup. The style of play and their historical performance says we should expect to see a drop in performance from a team perspective. Will that equate to more loses or wins, who knows only time will tell.

But to bury your head in sand and say Marcus was more accurate passer and ignore the fact he has thrown more interceptions then touchdowns, is just crazy.

I go into each season fully expecting the riders to win. In fact, last year when some were saying it was a rebuilding year, I was saying they are crazy. However, I do go in with my eyes open. Do I think the riders will be as competitive offensively no, because Marcus has shown that in his career. That isn't being negative it is being realistic. I would be surprised if the riders can take second this year. With Joseph, I would have said, I would be surprised if they don't take 1st. I expect the riders to beat out Edmonton for third, but suspect it will be closer then most people want to admit. I see Edmonton having more wins this year.

Decent post, the only thing I disagree with is you assessment as Cates only being Okay??? Almost 1300 total yards from scrim. while missing almost the last 1/4 of the season??? He has excellent hands, takes more than 2/3 defenders to bring him down, and is always moving forward. I would say that is more than okay.

I like Cates. And with an entire season, let’s see what he can do. The thing I think he does best is block. Very good!! But at the same time, realistically, I would rank him overall behind Roberts, Reynolds, Smith and Lumsden. So 5th out of 8 starting tailbacks. That makes him just “okay”. The point deflated was making was our overall offensive talent was “extraordinary” so having a mediocre QB wouldn’t matter. With Matt and Mike injured, we start the season with an average back, a below average receiving corp and an average line. How having a below average QB then translates into “extraordinary” anything is beyond me.

Average o line? OK back? Below average receivers? This is what makes me happy. The players who have been called ok. Average. Below average. They get a chance to show us who is right and who is wrong. Either way I am glad football season is here. Go Riders.

Back to thread. What it was supposed to be about. Riders 26. Eskimos 24. Wish Riders had Szarka. Dominguez. And O'Day. But Riders are better than average without them.

Lets be loud.

Quit being so gall darned negative...we will win by more than a measly 2 points.....