Predictions for Saturday's game

Riders 34 Edmonton 15

Eskies 23

Riders 12

Esk's 29

Riders 16

Riders 49
Esks 7

hehehe just kidding :slight_smile:

Riders 31
Esks 17

Whoever scores the most points wins! :wink: :wink:

Riders: 33

Esks: 16

Lotta wishful thinking in this thread... I know the Riders are the favourites, but come on, I'm sure Edmonton can put up more than a measly 2 touchdowns.

Hell, last year we put up 21, 14, 32, and 29 against you guys, giving us an average of 24 points/game.

I agree, thosse that are prediciting that the Esks are going to win is wishful thinking. In those 4 games, we put up 20, 54, 39 and 36, for an average of 37 per game. So maybe the final score will read:

Sakatchewan 37
Edmonton 24

Not likely... the 54-14 game aside, you guys only won the other two games by 7 and 7.

...which still means you lost. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good for you, jm. You get a gold star!!!

Whether or not we lost isn't really the point... I understand fans being biased, but give Edmonton a little credit. So far all the Riders fans are predicting the Riders to double-up on the Eskimos. Not likely...

It's the Rider forum...we don't have to give the Esks any credit whatsoever here...

Chief, the Eskimoes are on their way to missing the playoffs for the third straight year. Riders will double up, and dominate the game.

Riders have a new head coach. They lost Fred Perry and Reggie Hunt. and Marcus Crandell is their qb

the esks will win

...Esks have Dancin' Danny. Let's call it a draw.

Ken is almost the exact same as Kent

Crandell will light it up this year, Reggie Hunt had a terrible season last year, Fred Perry will be hard to replace so I'll wait on that one.

Go Riders

Not sure who will win. Point spread of 6.

I think it will be a close game... but I'm saying Esks by 6.... how about 27-21

The Schmoes are 2-7 at Taylor Field since 2001,i can't see their record here improving anytime soon.......35-18........GO RIDERS GO...