Predictions for Montreal vs Calgary!

Well this is a no brainer most of you in Montreal will pick your team and the Stamp fans will pick their team. What is your thoughts in the up coming game?

You would think the team that had the quarterback who has thrown for 300 yards in four consecutive games would be a favourite to win. Although Henry Burris is playing exceptionally well but the Stampeders are having a difficult time protecting the ball, and until they master that aspect of winning football, Burris’ personal ability will not have a direct influence on winning. Montreal’s win over Toronto changes everything. In the Alouettes’ last three wins, a different group has dominated each time. Against Edmonton, it was Ezra Landry and the special teams that created the win. Against Saskatchewan, I thought the defence had their best game, scoring early and taking a quick lead. Against Toronto, the 15-play, 75-yard drive to open the game was offensive execution at its best and determined the game. Montreal 27, Calgary 17

Schultz Picks: Montreal Alouettes

2 weeks ago, Matthews challenged his team to get there swagger back! Since then, they have beaten Sask and Tor and are just starting to get it together, play with condidence and determination, including the new running game and especially the defense. But Calgary is playing well and are dangerous if Montreal faulters. Montreal will keep there momentum going and win this one.

I have been feeling more confidant over the last 2 weeks. I think Montreal will take this one.

I think the Stamps will take this one. If it weren’t for the turnovers against the Lions, who says the Stamps don’t win. So as long as the Stamps hold on to the ball, they’re gonna win. Stamps D is good and there O is pretty good too.

The Als' recently picked off a lot of fumbles and interceptions. If "the usual Burris" shows up, Montreal will make him pay big time for these mistakes. Of course, if "the playoff Burris" shows, things could get though.

If Burris has a 400yrd game, it will be a tough game, like our last 3 games...

It sure won't be a walk in the park, especiaaly if Copeland steps up his game vs Montreal, just to rub it in our face.

Yeah, I still want MTL to win, but it will be a close one.

.......but you guys will be in even more trouble if "GI Joe - Flint" Burris shows up and uses his special forces training to airlift the game to victory ("We're not heroes, we're just doing our job.") ......or if "GI Joe - Major Barrage" Burris takes the field and lets his two tech-enhanced shotguns do all the talking in a combat situation ("I don't mind taking a hit or two, if it means I can get close enough to a COBRA-MONTREAL trooper to wrap my hands around his neck and give a little squeeze.").......of course we could also end up with "GI Joe - General Abernathy" Burris who will order his men into battle, and stand in front of them to lead the way ("I am proud to lead the finest fighting force in the world. Together, we will defeat the COBRA-MONTREAL organization and put an end to its evil plans.").......undoubtably I am an idiot and there is not enough oxygen in my office again......

Gotta love that conclusion!

Wouldn't it be fun to see Burris impersonate that one GI Joe with the white skidoo suit?... the one we could never camouflage when playing in the garden...

.........when I was playing GIJoe in the garden it was the late sixties, early seventies and Ol' Joe was 11" tall with a real beard and had all sorts of fine gear to use with his preformed grip hands when he wasn't using them on Barbie (oh Joe, stop that you cad).......the most confusing piece of gear as I think back was the Mercury Space Capsule, how does a General Infantry Soldier make use of a ballistic missle payload capsule?!......what the hell did I care?, it flew well as I hung out the window of my dad's '68 Cutlass up to my waist......seatblets were good for hitting your little brother with.......

Does that make Calvillo Cobra Commander? Because I’m a tad bit worried then. :slight_smile:

I think the Als will win a very very close game.

......yes.......COBRA COMMANDER AC likes to be up front in the thick of the action when his COBRA OFFENSE VIPER troops, COBRA DEFENSE EEL forces, and CRIMSON SPECIAL TEAM GUARD troops confront the GI JOE "Burris" team............To protect their leader in the heat of battle, the best technical minds at Le Armament Factorie run by DON DESTRO and a "Siegie" known as Popp VII have created a special suit of body armor. This self-contained masterpiece combines flexible sackproof polymer fabrics with beryllium steel plate components. The entire suit is air-conditioned, gatorade-resistant, and fumble-shielded. The helmet is fitted with an integral communications system, internal read-outs for environmental quality and a miniaturized MADDEN computer display. The plate parts can withstand a direct hit from a 300 lb Lineman and the flexible parts will stop anything up to a Free Safety.

....wonder if Hasbro's lawyers are reading this?.......

MTL will win 24-22 after Calgary misses a 2-points conversion.

I like these Montreal fans they are great! Redandwhite I am glad you are on our side you have all that GI Joe training in behind you.

I never had a GI Joe.
I had a Major Mat Mason
He had a cool jet pack

........oh man, ro, Major Matt Mason was the BEST!.......remember that four pegged walking machine contraption that doubled as a lifting winch?... and that stupid standup scooter thingy......the best was that backpack thing you could run a line of thread through tie one end off to your dad's turntable and the other end off to one of Mom's expensive vases and then MMM could scuttle back and forth until you broke something!.......too bad the flexible arms on him contained low grade tasmanian wire which broke after three manipulations and left poor MMM with pretty gimpy arms........somewhat dangerous what with a piece of wire poking out his elbow...., I might come to Montreal just to reminisce about the toys I had 32 years ago........remember the Whirlybird, or Vertibird, or something like that, a helicopter that flew on the end of a fixed rotating arm?'d rotate around and hack chunks of flesh off your forehead if you were too stupid to appreciate it's clearance radius...., after getting home and successfully making a neat scotch disappear clarity set in and did I ever get this string off track.........désolé mes from the seventies,WTF?.........

Well to get back on track I am going to say this is going to be a good game the Don will have something tricky in the plans for the Als but I am going out on a limb and be a homer and say Calgary 27 Montreal 24 down to the last play of the game. Redandwhite what does GI Joe say ha ha ha you are insane some days.

I personnally believe the GI Joe were never as cool as the Transformers. Now THESE were imaginative toys. I couldn't stop morphing them.

Get ready to see your Decepticons go down RedandWhite. Optimus Calvillo and the happy bunch of Autobots will strike down upon thee. Watch out for "Slammer" Edwards, who transforms into a tank, "QuickMix" Philion, the cement truck, "Lightspeed" Landry, the speedy micro red car, or "Jetfire" Stala, the white high flying jet.

It won't help you to have "Punch-Counterpunch" Copeland on your side. Being both Decepticon and Autobot, he is a known weapon in our camp too and Optimus Calvillo will teach us how to stop him.

Don't forget:

"Ironhide" Brian Chiu
"Cliffjumper" Kerry Watkins
"Prowl" Kevin Johnson
"Sunstreaker" Duane Butler, and his brother
"Sideswipe" Tim Strickland

Man, I'm having way too much fun with this.