Predictions for Labour Day?

...Riders are sure putting a lot of faith in would be like the Bombers starting Chang in his first week in the Peg....a win for the Riders is definitely in doubt and a sweep by the BigBlue a distinct possibility :wink: we'll see

Papa that's good as far as it goes........but there's something else that you might wish to consider:

Kevin Glenn calling his own plays for the second time in his career, versus:

A defence masterminded by Richie Hall.

If the Bombers do not win, I don't think you'll need any investigation, that will explain it. I think Edmonton showed us last week how to beat a Richie Hall defence, and that is to stuff the Riders' offence and keep that defence on the field all day to wear them down. If you can't do that, your chances of victory tend to get a lot slimmer.

I'm beginning to wonder about you AP. 05 has his prediction and is entitled to cheer for whoever he likes. Your preoccupation with rw05 is bordering on obsession and/or stalking--you are making yourself look foolish following him around to other team's forums.

This series in usually a home & home split.

But, I'm very curious to see how well Glenn, Armstrong and Armstead play aginst their old team, they could be the difference if things go the Bombers way.

As serious as nudist in a deep-frying contest!

Well then that settles it. 8-ball in the corner pocket. That will be the score.

It looks like tga451 was closest (Riders by 21). After the stinker Kevin Glenn played, expect Chang to start next week.