Predictions for Labour Day?

Sask. 34
Wpg. 24

Sask. will destroy Winnipeg in both games.

Winnipeg is just awful this year!

Just a dreadful, dreadful football team.

Sask: 37
Wpg: 13

Similar score for the next week.

Prediction: Doug Berry will get angry, maybe even give the finger to someone (remember WPG vs MTL 2006..). A Bomber kicker "insert name here" will miss an 18 yard field goal. Cartwright will forget there are only 3 downs in canadian football, and will make Glenn take a knee on 3rd and 1, to stop the clock in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter... Westwood will cut his ponytail to give the Riders good luck. And, Dumwiddy will still be named Dumweedy!

I've been really hard on Berry, Cartwright, Bauer, & the Bombers this year. This next game in Saskatchewan will define their season.

If the Bombers can constructively (and destructively) channel the rage of having last year's Grey Cup stolen from them by Saskatchewan, they will annihilate the Riders and go on to make the playoffs--maybe even the Grey Cup if they mothball Cartwright and Berry cuts back on the psychological abuse.

If they play without direction or passion, they will lose and go down with a whimper this season--just like Lyle Bauer planned it, in my opinion.

The masses will cry out for private ownership, Asper will get his sweetheart land development deal, and Bauer will double his salary.

Call me cynical, but that's the way I see it.

....i'd love to think success on the field always equates to happenings with the team , off of it....doesn't work that way all the prediciton
IF the real Blue Bombers show-up and also looking at a Rider injury list a mile long; coupled with dysfunction and confusion in their quarterbacking ranks ...BigBlue should come out on top... You just never know with the team this year...We could hammer the hell out of them orrrrr go back into our funk, slink back to the Peg a beaten lot, looking at BIG changes around the cornor...we'll see after this game which road we're going down....the picture will become quite clear?????? :wink:

well I predict a close game in each city. hopefully 4 more plus points for the riders. I think it will soley depend on which side of both teams show up on game day. As you all know the qb situation here now I really don't think anyone should sell us short there yet I'm sure our coaching staff will design the proper plays for either bishop or jyles whom ever should get to start. I also think if the receivers on both sides of the ball have the dropsies well you know but if they all decide to cacth it will be great.Also the running game could turn out to be deadly on both sides of the ball.
so cheers may the best team prevail at the end of the game

Sorry all fellow bomber fans but the riders are gonna come out hard this week,the team got a real wakeup call and watch to all them to come out playing for jobs.With the cuts lately who knows who is next.Maybe we need the same.
Sorry riders 42
us 21

Riders - 23

Bombers - 19

Sound familar? lol...jk don't mean to be mean or create a fight but I hope that is the final score.

Should be fun!

Bomber fans should look at the riders starting reciever and they would know their bombers are going to win. TO's Rookie Qb who played the reciever position is better than most recievers on the riders bench right now. Bomber will win and big I think. This is comming from a rider fan. I hope I'm wrong though. Winnipeg by 10 .

Whether they get thrashed or not the Bomba's could be an undefeated team in their last 5 road games and it still wouldn't matter. That's how intangible things get when going into Labour day. Expecting a victory is completely foolish.

i think this will be a close one.

Bombers: 15
Riders: 20

I'm going with the upset.

Bombers 24
Riders 21


Derick Armstrong
Terrence Edwards
Milt Stegal
Romby Bryant

Kevin Glenn vs. New Guy

Roberts vs. Cates

IF the Bombers don't win....there better be an investigation

BOMBERS by a bunch.... :wink:

Going into Saskatchewan is asking for a tough hard fought victory, and that is putting it mildly. I'm just saying, you're all vying to perform as miracle workers.

Blue 37
Green 11

Are you serious??

I say the Riders win a close one tomorrow, but will lose a week later. I see the usual split in the back to back games.

I hear ya...and that is the way it works out most years. However, I think the Rider defence will dominate and as a result the Riders should win two...rather easily I would say.

Bombers 27 Riders 13

Go Bombers Go

Redwhite does it again. Always hates the Riders. Always telling us the Riders are falling apart. Same Redwhite who said Riders would be bad this year. Real bad. If Riders win Sunday. Improve to 7 and 2. What will Redwhite do? Tell us how the Riders are lucky. Going to fall apart soon. Same story we heard since Coach Austin left. Same story we heard when Coach Austin was hired.

2007 Grey Cup. Riders beat good Bombers team. 2 best teams in the CFL. Stadium full of green and blue. Where was the red and white? At home.