Predictions for how many games....

the Ti-Cats win in 2013? Hope I am underestimating here but i say a 3-15 season. :slight_smile:

Good Bet!

I was thinking more along the lines of 5-13, but I'm always a little too optimistic about my Ticats, when will I ever learn....

That was good! :lol:

I'll go with 7 wins.

Playing 18 road games is tough.

With Creehan gone (hopefully!!!!) and with a few signings on defense, you will see an extra win or two. Cortez is still learning to be a coach.

Burris still have a couple years left in him and if some of our draft picks pan out over the next couple of years, we should be contending for a Grey Cup shortly.

It's too early to tell. We still don't know what they are going to do about Creehan. The 2012 Grey Cup is a great example of what a Chris Jones type co-ordinater can do for a team. If the Cat's sign a reputable DC and patch up the glaring holes on defense, they should be able to get at least 9 or 10 wins.

If the season was to be truly nomadic with games all over the place then this would be a problem. But since most of the games are in Guelph then they should just settle in nicely into their temporary home.

Some fans getting their excuses ready early??

If they keep the offence intact and overhaul the defense they will easily be 15 - 3.