Predictions for Hamilton/Lions game?

Saskatchewan destroyed Hamilton last week and we are much better than Saskatchewan. I didn't see the game but I'm sure the Lions will be going over the game film. I'm predicting the Lions by 3 TDs barring any key injuries. The Winnipeg/B.C. game last week was just a dress rehearsal.

Geroy will be adding to his passing yardage record. McCallum is chasing his own field goal CFL record. Bighill can't wait to get his first interception. Brown is hoping to break a kick off or punt return wide open. Lulay will be looking for a 300-400 yard total offence night. Burris can do some damage but I think he'll be picking himself up off the turf most of the night cause the Lions D will have its way with him! :rockin:

Ahhh... life is good!

I think Lions should handle Hamilton with relative ease. BC knows Burris well and owns him good. Burris has no ability to read a defense and BC will rush 4 and drop back 8 guy in coverage. Henry Burris now without the tutalage of Dave Dickenson and John Huffnagel will find himself in big trouble.

I really dont think Burris is a PRO QB- I never thought he was a PRO QB- He has a great arm and can run, but has no accuracy, no poise, no character, no leadership, he is just not a winner-- The grey cup win was perhaps the worst performance in grey cup in a while, he was instructed exactly who to throw the ball to on every down-- You see Burris cannot read the defense, Calgary had to design idiot proof plays for Burris, and then when the league caught on to those plays Burris could no longer make a play anymore–

I think BC can really hammer Hamilton here- Hamilton Defense is terrible, they lost their 2 good pass rushers in HICKMAN and BAGGS and I dont like their new head coach CORTEZ- Cortez will not get the respect of the players, he is too old and is not a young guy like CHAMBLIN who can relate to the young players–
Coaches like this are becoming a thing of the past- Young coaches everywhere- Chamblin, Reed, Benevides, Milanovich,Lapolice—

BC wins this match 37-17

The Eastern teams always seem to struggle coming out to the West Coast time zone. I expect a slow start but BC to win by 10 points.

Interesting spot on BCTV Sports yesterday. Several Lion defenders were interviewed and said they were not happy with last week, and wanted to take their game up a notch. Hmmmm, I didn't think last week was that bad. If they want to "crank it up" more then it could be a bigger spread than 10 points.

Agree with you Sportsman. I thought the D played a pretty good game over all. What they might be referring to are all those dropped interceptions. The D owned Brink who could have been picked off as many as 5 times or close to it. The D is probably kicking themselves.

I hope the team has fixed its problem on down field coverage on kick offs and punt returns. As mentioned before, Winnipeg's Washington owned the Lions and was able to run most of the time with impunity.

Can't wait to see what they do against Hamilton tonight!

Gore has been Gored!