Predictions for game #2

Based on what I saw in week one, Riders will win by 15. Edmonchuk O did not look too good, I see Jyles (who I like) being intercepted twice and sacked twice. I think as usual for a home game the guys will be stoked and I also see us winning most if not all the home games.

For any Riders who read these posts, just remember that most of the league has picked u to finish last. That's a BIG mistake on thier part!

Riders will win by at least 12 and as much as 20. Just don't think Edmonton has it this year.

Edmonton will be a lot better test for the Offense, they were good on D last year, and looked good against the Argos for the most part. I could see this being a fairly low scoring game. The Riders didn't win a divisional game all last year, hopefully they kick it off on the right foot this year. I'm going to say Riders by 10 (25-15).

I agree with Dust. Edmonton will pose a better match for our offense. Its good our O-line will face them and they like to run alot of 34's. LB's moving around and tougher to block. So we'll see if our O-line can open up space for Sheets.

Our D has to play against Hugh Charles. He likes to cutback and run for space so our guys needs to muck it up and maintain the gaps. The ends have to stay home because if he has nothing he'll want to bouce it outside. If we can corner him in he'll flop over.............can't run for the tough 3-4 yards, very finesse oriented.

Tackles.........just looking to see every tackle being a tackle.

Hope we can pressure Jyles and see a few more picks.

yup...the Esks have a great D, and there is one thing we know for certain...Jyles is not afraid of attacking the secondary. Jyles appeared to be making better reads than historically in the last game as well.

The defense will be much better than what Hamilton fielded

The Rider Secondary, a concern for many, will be tested.

The Riders need to establish a run game.

And make excellent points. Nice analogy on Charles.

grubbed, excellent point on tackling. Like last yr, soooo many tackles being missed for extra yrs. the good thing was hoe they all run to the ball. Hawkins wasn't mentioned during the game but he was always near the ball and close to the tackle.

37 - 18 Riders. Because of everything mentioned above plus the atmosphere is going to be through the roof, and is worth at least 6 points IMO.

Look at the the stats from last game. Two guys amounted for one tackle...........Hawk and Odell. But I've watched and they routinely were causing problems and pressures. Interior guys also got a good shove. Odell and Hawkins have decent speed and if a QB escapes contain to the outside they were still close and chasing Hank. Speed is good (we didn;t have this last season with Shomari, Mullinder, etc).

Question - how did Patty Neufeld play? If he can go out for one quarter and show the coaches he can play as well as that, play Neufeld and maybe we can run with a import MLB. I only bring this up because Shomari (my opinion) was not looking like a true MLB? Yes, he hasn't played this spot since college, but? He way over-comitted on that long TD run, but so did Kromah to a lesser extend and then Patrick missed his chance to make a tackle so it wasn't all on Shomari. In Shomari's defense the coaches said they were happy with his (but coaches don;t usually throw a guy under the bus while being interviewed). But this coaching staff has proven that if a guy has something to work on they aren't afraid to tell the media.

Anyways, I'll be at Sundays game. Not a fan of any western based team and since they are both 1-0 this game has some jam. It will be spirited and i hope to watch Jyles run for his life.

The Riders shouldn't have an easy time with that Esk D, like they did with the Ham D that played dead.

Esk D is TOUGH. Nobody talks about it.

Still I think the RIders at home should be able to outscore Edmonton, unless an Esk QB starts running loose.

the thing that will be the difference is the Esks weak Anemic offense.

If the Riders come out and play like they did vs Hamilton it will be no contest. but it seems like every year the Riders choke it up vs the Eskimos at home… :roll:

for once I’d like to see the Riders get their butts in gear and have a good outing and kick the crap out of the Esks.

I think getting a quick lead will be very helpful to us winning the game. Edmonchuk will implode once they fall behind. Thier D will get tried and start pouting, while thier O will be lack luster again. Jyles maybe replaced late in the

Not bad - one off. Did you get yourself a Lotto Max ticket as well?