Predictions for Friday's game

Well, let's have it...the score for Friday's game

I say:

31-28 Hamilton in OT

30-24 Hamilton.

24 -11 Hamilton :thup:

I dont know what the score will be-but I think Hamilton will win by 10

26-17 hamilton

Hamilton 38 Winnipeg 22

24-17 Hamilton

36-23 for the Cats.

The bombers are starting 2 rookie offensive linemen, 2 rookie recievers, a rookie linebacker and a rookie DB. That spells trouble in their first regular season game.

Ticats- 31
Bombers- 16

Bombers 23 Ticats 21 somebody has to pick the Bummers :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't worry lots of Peggers picking the bummers to win, I'll pick Hambone 24- 17. :thup:

The way I look at it my prediction makes me a winner either way. If the Cats win I'm happy and if the Bumbers win I get to raze the more outrageous predictors who are predicting a romp

If we don't win by at least 30 every player on this team should be ashamed of himself.

They're all talking about being beasts of the CFL this year now it's time to quit yapping about it and prove it.

(This is much more fun than Stadium threads...)

Ticats 29, Bombers 14.

cats - 38

peg - 17

Ticats 27 - Bombers 17
Hamilton 40
Winnipeg 33

Start of the season, so a lot of field goals!

Oskee wee wee

Ticats 24, Bombers 15.

So you're predicting Sandro goes 13-14 opening game? lol

I soon those threads will be thing of the past Bob :slight_smile: