Predictions for Finals West & East

Winnipeg’s forecast for Saturday evening is balmy minus one C. and dry ,fair wind as usual .
Can Adams lead BC past the steam rolling never giving up Winnipeg Blue Bombers?
Could Dane Evans be called into take over in the second half ?
Can the Als take away Defence strip Toronto of the ball and contribute to points ?
If they can Als have a chance, Bon chance Als….

Pour les Alouettes, la question est surtout de savoir si Thorpe va être assez aux aguets pour ne pas avoir besoin de 2 quarts avant de figurer comment arrêter les Argonauts. L’an dernier, il s’était littéralement fait torcher par Dinwiddie en première demie.


Congrats to Montreal. Now let’s see BC beat the Peg.


You gotta love the CFL . Who would have thought the 16 - 2 Argos would look so bad in the big game . Kelly looked dumbfounded the entire game . How could they allow Fujardo to beat them ?

So Toronto, the centre of the universe, has the Leafs , Jays, Raptors and the soccer team . Looks good on them in the Big Smoke . :laughing:


Nice to see Montreal wipe the smug grins off the annoying faces of Chad Kelly and Pinball.

The Als won this game because their D Line pressured Kelly. They were a consistent force.

The Hamilton D Line looks like a force on paper, but when it came to actual game play, they didn’t pressure the QB nearly enough. Was that the fault of our talent, or the defensive philosophy of our DC? Whatever the answer is, clearly, that dynamic has to drastically improve next season if we expect to contend against the best.

As far as Bo is concerned, again, I’d like to see him back in Hamilton next year as a player. But he has other options, especially if we ask him to renegotiate his contract/accept a pay cut: catch on with another team, work as a commentator for TSN, or get into coaching (our next QB coach, or even OC, if Milanovich leaves?).


Alouettes worked longer in the film room preparing their D for Toronto.
Toronto took a long holiday .
Different coaching leadership and the players buying into it like Als do or not as Argonots did…not?
Congrats to Jason and all the Als coaching staff and players……”work”


Western Mustangs beat Laurier 29 - 14 and they’re off to the Uteck Bowl . :canada: :+1:
The Montreal Carabins will be the their opponent . It would be nice to see our Canadian university games on Canadian television :roll_eyes:


Yep they had a game plan and stuck to it. That’s a great defense over there and Lemon was the icing on the cake for them.


I sure hope Mark Washington was taking notes while watching the Als defence yesterday. He might learn some new play schemes.

Yesterday worked out great for me.
I’m going to the Grey Cup next week.
The two worst scenarios for me were;
1- Watching Toronto and Kelly hoist that trophy.
2- Watching Dane Evans come back to Hamilton and hoist that trophy.

So, I can actually just relax and watch a good game now.


You’re over Collaros I guess…

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Not really…ha!
I’ll be cheering for Montreal though.
Plus I already witnessed, in person, Collaros hoist the cup in 2021, so I’m numb to it.
I can’t cheer for the Argos ( ever), and it became personal with Dane once his dad basically called me out as a terrible human being in this public message board.


MTL. Ciante Evans, Landon Rice

WPG. Colloros , Sergio Castillo.

Yeah. That’s fair.
Though as a dad I don’t blame him for some of the things said about his son here and especially on other forms of social media. (not by you of course).


I bet they’re all happy they got out of here…

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Other former TiCats, still playing, will be with their teams, whether or not they’re on the Grey Cup active rosters – Beverette, Ellingson, Manalo, Beeksma and Grant. Also, both HCs, Calvillo, Walters and McManus, all with TiCat pasts, will be among staff members, here this week, with their teams.


Des Lawrence on the PR and Alden Darby injured.