Predictions for Bombers vs Stamps?

Okay need your help Bomber fans what do you think about this game coming in?
I think it depends which Stamp team shows up and how your defnse plays. I think it will be a good game and possibly close.

judging by the game against TO....I would say if THAT Bomber team shows up I'll have to say Stamps will win.... UNLESS....Henry goes pass-interception crazy....and then it could be close....neither team is looking very impressive so far....sorry BigBlue ...looks like the rest of this year is gonna be experimental... and we can only.hope for a miracle to make the play-offs :?

I dont think Burris has ever beaten the bombers in his career, in fact he usually plays awful against them. I like the bombers chances of sneaking out of calgary with a narrow win.

If Stoddard gets in because someone has an "injury" and the Bombers don't tackle like they did against TO (Man that was hard to watch) they'lll have a real good chance. Unfortunately I don't think either is happening. Eventhough it hurts to say it I think the Stamps will win.

The bombers are going to kick some stampeder ass next game!

The bombers had a off game last game but against the stamps thry are going to win they are going to destroy the stamps.
kick some ***** stampeder ass!!

stamps suck bomber r going to kill em next game there ***** kick there ass on the field burris is going to keep throwing the ball and he is always going to get *****n picked every time bomber are going to turn this whole season around **** u stamps

I think that calgary will take the win, because playing at home will be a big advantage for calgary, plus Winnipeg is a team that can't make big plays

.........bomber#1.............we can tolerate (barely) the fact you are a complete and utter moron..........but we won't tolerate the use of abusive and socially unacceptable profanity to spice up your moronic ravings..........consider yourself warned......... far as your predictions, about as moronic as the walnut sized ganglia rollign around inside your lonely brain cavity..........

Thanks R&W, that guy is way out of line.

........there's excited taunting and then there's sheer idiocy........I for one don't think peabrain is reflective of the rest of the BB backers, just another 13 year old that got a password.........

I'm going out on a (skinny) limb by predicting a 'healthy' Bomber victory, and the start of some good things for the Big Blue.

I'm guessing 32-18.

Call me nuts but I think things are getting sorted.

Oh yeah. bombers#1, grow up.

Sorry to tell you but the Stamps with Burris won this year against the Bombers just thought I would let you know.

Bombers#1 learned a few new words from his mommy today I see!

If the Bombers show up on all sides of the Ball it will be no contest. If they don't well...can you say 1-6...

stamps will come out on top

I think the Bombers will come out on top. We got Glenn back in there, now he may not be the best but he’s 200% better than Tee Martin.

The Bombers will win 49-15.

.......200% better than martin is still not gonna be good enough to make any points off us, roberts is a huge threat no doubt but you can only run so many times and then who you going to pass to? Milt is it and be-dee be-dee that's all folks, a two weapon offense isn't gonna cut it, sorry, no offence BBs because I think you've had some bad luck thus far but that luck aint changing come this weekend, sorry........

Geez, you are right RW2005, I was even at the game, must have blocked it out. That was before either team got the offenses going and when Kamau dropped the bomb near the end of the game.

Dont be too cock sure there RandW, the Als made the same mistake and we rolled up 50 against them. This team isnt as bad most think. I think this one may come down to who turnovers the ball over the least.