Predictions For BC vs Ham

OK folks…put it out there. What’s your prediction?

Ham 32
BC 28


Call me optimistic…

Hamilton 34

BC 17

Edit: If i get it right, what do I win?? :grin:


Us 26 :ticats:
Them 21 :bclions:

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You win extra motivation to watch the Montreal Edmonton game!

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22-16 Cats.

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You get an attaboy from the crowd.

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21-17 HAM.

Based solely on my desire to see the Cats win a shoot-out: 42 - 36 Cats.

At the risk of dampening enthusiasm, this is the fourth time I’ve flown home for a game this season. The first three:

Argos kicked our ass week 2 at BMO
Als kicked our ass week 3 at our home opener
Argos kicked our ass on Labour Day

If we get whipped tonight I promise not to travel to Montreal for the East Semi

My pick - Cats win 22-19 and I sleep better knowing it’s not me

TiCats 24
Lions 21

Hey don’t feel too bad I am currently on a 5 game losing streak while watching this team play live . The first game of the streak was the 2021 Grey Cup game . The second game was last year when I flew out to BC to visit my son and watched them lose . The third was on Labour day last year , the fourth was this year when they lost to the Alouettes in August and finally the 5th was on Labour day of this year .

I used to have ST with my son up until the time he moved to BC last year so since then I have only gone if I am visiting out west or if he is home here for a visit . So as for my streak and tonight’s game ? No worries about losing because I won’t be there . :grinning:

27-24 Hammy. Beard and Godwin both take extra strength Advil and play through the pain.

P.S. Thanks Bobo for sacrificing yourself and not attending.

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Your son better not be either… lol

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No worries . I do what I can . :smiley:

I missed the Labour Day game this year while travelling, and was about to go the next game against the Argos in Toronto but something else came up. You’d think that would have helped. If Cats make it into the EF, I might have to actually go.

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My Gut says BC….
TiCats win by 15 …

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I think the Cats will win this one after VA gets pulled and Dane throws at least one pick. Our D is really coming together.

27 - 19 Cats.

In from Van Isle for this one.


30-27 BC
BLM plays a half and throws 2 picks.
( I want to be wrong, as I think Montreal loses tomorrow)


Fixed it for ya !