Predictions for BC @ Calgary- August 12th

Going to be a BC blowout. That Calgary defense in my opinion will be shut down for at least a month after last week’s injuries. And bad defense against BC = gg.

.......what injuries? Boese? Deck will do a serviceable job of replacing Boese.......beyond that it's fine and know, I really dont' care what beef you got against the stampeders, that's your perogitive, but do your homework at least........and what the h3ll is 'gg'?, that one's got me.........

No beef with the Stampeders. Besides that being the outcome I truly think will happen, I also go out of my way to troll around and say things like that to annoy you because I don't like you.

........oh, boo hoo, my feeling are so hurt.....well I'm not here for you to like, so there......and do your homework before we hear 'in my opinion' anymore.............what's gg?..........

It's gonna be a great game this week. While I'm a gigantic Lions fan, I understand that there is a possibility that the Stamps could take us off our throne this week. I just don't think they will. Burris still has his monkey on his back against BC. He has problems beating our team (however, many of these deamons are at BC Place).

It's a fact: Burris has problems beating the Lions. Wally will have the team extra focused this week. Our defense looked spectacular against Edmonton, and I can't see the Calgary offense giving us more problems than EE. I was so impressed with our D, and our offense is always strong, that it will be difficult to beat the Lions any week, home or away. Even though Duncan's been struggling with his FG's, his punting has been spectacular and our special team's coverage has been impeccable.

Dare I say ths? Pullin' for the Ponies...ouch, my face is on fire! But sadly, I truly believe that BC will win...ummmm, 31-20. Better charge up that 13th man, RW.

This is the rematch! Stamps by 10

Calgary is also at home!

B.C. , are due to loose.CALGARY, are getting better.

If you go by the 'BC is due to lose' logic, you're gonna get burned. With BC being 6-0, they were due to lose probably their last 3 or 4 games, no? I know many people were saying BC will lose to Edmonton last week because they are due, but look at what happened?

I didn't pick EDMONTON to win last week. I picked B.C. :wink:

I wasn't point you out, I was saying in general it seemed like people were picking Edmonton because BC was 'due to lose'. I think the other way around. I would say BC is bound to keep their unbeaten streak going. Having won their last six games, nothing has convinced me to think otherwise.

Sadly I think BC will take this one. But I think it will be close. Calgary, so far, has seemed to bring their level of play up, or down, to their opponent's. We played crappy against Winnipeg, and incredibly against BC. But you know what they say, win the three teams, win the game. BC has better offence, defence, and special teams ...

McMahon should be rocking, though. I'm hoping for a sellout! It's definitely possible ... and if it's not a sellout, it'll be at least 90% full. I'm going to say at least 34,000 there.

BC by 10. Calgary will either fight had to come back, or the teams will trade punches throughout the game (including the 4th!) and BC will simply get two more punches in.

..........oh yea of little faith CK, "When you have come to the edge Of all light that you know And are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly"........the stamps will bring their 'A' game, and if we falter we do so knowing the better team won, if we win we soar with limitless power and honour......... endeth the sermon........

CAL. looked like they couldn't handle WPG'S third string QB. towards the end of the last game....given a little longer playing time ...Michna might have even pulled off the I'll say the Stamps. are going to get licked a much better QB. tandem like the Lions have....Lions will remain undefeated... :!:

......decipher: 3rd string QB who is now elevated to 2nd string and probably could take 1st stirng responsibilties quite easy taking on 3rd and 4th string DBs and a D that was coasting to an easy win after holding a hapless bb squad for three and a half quarters to a paltry 200 something yards.......

yeah, if you'd watched that 4th quarter vs Winnipeg, it was crap. It took forever to play, it didn't look like either team was interested in playing football anymore. Winnipeg kinda rolled over, and Calgary started relaxing. I don't think that's a good thing, but the Stamps still managed to secure the win. That last touchdown was on the last play of the game - it's not like it was a win-or-go-home situation. Nevertheless, Denny Creehan gave our D an earful for allowing it.

With 5 minutes to go in the 4th, the Stamps were winning 30-7. It was not, repeat not, a defensive breakdown was more like, "why are we still playing? We've won" (again, I maintain an attitude like that, which affects your play, is no good at all, but that's what it was like, and we still pulled it off)

Lions will win 32-23.

Watcha gonna do when Antonio Warren runs all over you???

the Calgary D (as to quote the guy on the news last night) “is playing musicl chairs” with all there injurys managed to stop all over your “unrealriders”