Predictions for BC @ Calgary- August 12th

Let me first say that I respect Calgary as a team. The always play the Lions tough, but I'm gonna have to go with the best here in picking the LIONS.

Lions win 32-23.

Watcha gonna do when Antonio Warren runs all over you???

......I predict it will be raining........that's as close ot the edge as I go......

.......I will say this though, if Clark/Grace/Coe play like they did against Roberts, then Antonio's YPC avergage will suffer.........

Remember last time Warren played the Stamps, he was the CFL offensive player of the week with over 200 yards in total offense.

........yup, devasting running that game, and my three LBs got their butts kicked in practice all week long after that game, and came back and held blink to like 60 some yards..........maybe they can do it again, maybe not....

......but I do stand firm on the rain prediction......

i predict that this will be an offensive shoot out

Calgary 41
BC 36

and... it will be raining

ditto. offensive shootout. Stamps 39 Lions 35.

A lot depends on which Burris is going to show up, Calgary has the better backs, Lions with the better receivers in my opinion, I'd say these teams are more evenly matched then their record shows, you gotta wonder what the Stamps would be like if they didnt make one of the worse trades in CFL history when they aquired Khari Jones, and that back, cant remember his name, but i dont think he plays anymore does he? for Lysack, Flemming and ok i cant think of the 3rd, its too early for me to be thinking, but ya'all know what im trying to say. As much as i want the Lions to lose, id say:

Lions 27
Stamps 15

i agree it was a pretty bad trade but we probaly would have lost them any way and regembald was the thired player calgary sent to the peg.

Two favorite teams. Hate predictions, so I'll teeter on the fence for a bit. Should be high scoring, (60-70 points combined) and it wil come down to a field goal. On that note, I'll copy my prediction from Big Dave's pool and Say BC by a last minute O'Mahoney FG to win it by 1 point.

Hey Red & White...Where is the rain comming from? Its been sunny and hot here in BC! I thought our weather flowed East?

.....I think Hughie up north in the 'chuk finally completed his weather changing machine........

Funny you said that..... I was just thinking about that angle when I wrote that question...LOL

Have fun at the game...sniff...wish I were there.

The Stamps looked pretty nicked up after the bomber game and the BC defence is gonna be even harder to handle. It should be close but the Lions will probably stay undefeated for another week.

No, the Lions will lose sooner or later this season, and I think it will be sooner (Friday night to be exact), should be a close one though.

Funny how Stamps fans are all saying “We’re back!” after they beat the second worst team in the league. I’ll believe it after they beat the top 4 teams in the league at least once.
As far as Friday’s game goes, if it rains then the passing offences will suffer. Thus whoever has the best running game is gonna win, barring lousy field goal kicking. If it comes down to field goals Calgary will win… I don’t have a lot of faith in BC’s kicker. However, I believe that Calgary will not be able to stop the lions running game. Yes they handled Winnipeg’s running, but then Winnipegs O line is not BC’s O-line. BC’s line is better, by a lot.
Should be a good game. 4th quarter will tell the tale.

…I think what we really mean is “We’re back! In Third Place!”…and the shut down of Winnipeg’s running game wasn’t so much a battle of lines but that our LBs really stepped up and plugged up the holes, Roberts got yards, but very few of them…

Calgary is right where I thought they would be. Where is that post of predictions...LOL

Calgary took a while to get going, but they are firing on all cylynders now. Fridays matchup will be fun. I want to see more of Joffrey Reynolds.

(I also want to see my Lions win too)

STAMPS..........B.C.s , 1st loss.

Why rain? I was hoping it was gonna be nice for my trip there. Oh well, sat in the rain last year when the Lions won at McMahon. No rain in Van but rain in Calgary. That's a change.