predictions for Awards Finalists for West, East?

yea. the 2 games he missed.

no, besides that

the game vs Hamilton where they lost 30-3.. Boyd was invisible.

and the Sept 11th game vs B.C....

and Sept 06th vs Hamilton..

and July 29th vs Montreal...

shall I go on?

July 1st vs Calgary...

so 5 games where Boyd wasn't exactly spectacular.. he was just pretty good. or not very good.

so that means he had 11 games where he was the difference..

that's not exactly what I'd call MOP material here.

East - Boyd
West - Burris

I was tempted to nominate Edwards, but I felt Boyd was more consistent.

East - Stala
West - Fantuz

East - Cox
West - Simpson

I was really torn between Cox and Knowlton. In the end I went with Cox because he seemed to be all over the field, and he was talked about during telecasts a lot more.

East - Owens
West - Davis

After this season, it should probably be re-named the Chad Owens Award. :lol:

East - Thigpen
West - Elimimian

I didn't realize Thigpen was a rookie. For some reason I thought he was here last season... :expressionless:

East - ?
West - Archibald

I wasn't too familiar with these players, but I knew I couldn't nominate the guys from BC and Edmonton. :lol:

Now THAT'S a joke.

playing 11 of 16 games with great play is not MOP material.

he had 5 games where he was not MOP type of a player.. and those were just ones I looked up.

Calvillo has been more consistent.

Um, actually...

July 1 vs Cal: 8 carries for 32 yds
July 29 vs Mtl: 9 for 53 (ok a 5.9 average is alright)
Aug 14 vs Mtl: 17 for 63 yds, 1 fumble
Sept 6 vs Ham: 11 for 54
Sept 11 vs BC: 11 for 57, 1 fumble
Oct 15 vs Ham: 11 for 26, 1 fumble

These are games where Boyd got less than 70 yds rushing. The July 29, Aug 14, Sep 6, Sep 11 games were ok since his avg rush yds were up. The July 1 and Oct 15 games were not good. Not saying he's not very good. He IS the leading rusher in the CFL, and probably best in the league. But like every player, he has been stopped in a couple of games.

Why are you arguing wth every single person who says Boyd should be the MOP? Give me a break. :roll:

ya, there.. 6 games! so only 10 of 16 that he played was he actually the reason or the difference the Argos were either winning or close to winning.

you don't win the MOP by playing 6 games and not exactly being outstanding (far from it)

so you think that a player who has 6 games of his 16 where he isn't spectacular qualifies him as MOP?

over Calvillo??

I'd be more than willing to bet you that Boyd will not win, won't even be the finalist.

I don’t care if Boyd wins. I just said I think he should. If you think it should be AC, that’s your opinion. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Why you feel this need to defend AC, like someone’s questioning you personally, is beyond me… :expressionless:

It is? I don't get it.

You have heard of Chad Owens, right? Chad "Instant Field Position" Owens? Chad ""Suggest You Don't Try That Long Field Goal" Owens?

you saying Boyd was better than Owens??

Markeith Knowlton.

68 tackles
3 Sacks
3 Forced Fumbles
3 Interceptions
6 Fumble Recoveries
2 Blocked Punts, one of which was returned for a TD.

How can anyone say this guy shouldn't win MODP?

cox runs faster :wink:

Hmmm... That's a tough one. Both were pretty huge for Toronto.

I just think that people are thinking this award means something different.

if it were MVP, Boyd would be a better choice, but it's not.

Is it really so hard to understand that people think Boyd was outstanding? Look at his stats again. He was clearly the top back, and he was a big-time game changer for the Argos.

See, here's the thing. Cory Boyd HAS been instrumental to just about every single Argo victory. There's no question about that. He's a fantastic part of their team. Yes, he was pivotal in turning a team that went 3-15 last year to a team that made the playoffs, and is very easily a threat to win it all.

Boyd is an amazing runningback, and he's shown it to us this year. But there are other amazing runningbacks in the league. Fred Reid and Jamal Robertson have higher yards/carry. Just about half the regular runningbacks have more touchdowns than he does, and he's had more fumbles than any runningback this year. With that said, he also has the highest yardage, and is one of the toughest backs to take down in the league. No doubt about that. Like I said, he's a fantastic runningback, but he's only one among many.

Now, if you look at Calvillo...

Only two QBs have more yardage (neither of which have missed a game), only Burris has thrown more TDs, no regular QB is more accurate than him, he's the regular QB with the least amount of interception (and, to be honest, I'd say atleast 4 of his 7 interceptions were because a receiver mishandled the ball) and, last but not least, Calvillo simply has the highest efficiency rating in the league.

It's all about comparison. You think about what a player has done for his team, and you're thinking MVP. You think about what a player has done compared to the rest of the league, and now you're thinking MOP. To be honest, after going 3-15, the Argonauts didn't have a whole lot of expectations to do better, so I'm not surprised that they're considered great after making the playoffs this year. Now, on the other side, the Als, who went 15-3, had a lot of expectations to meet. It's hard to match a 15-3 record two years in a row. And I believe that the fact that Montreal's record is worse than it was last year, despite, y'know, still being tied for first in the league, tells people that Calvillo is 'having a bad year', which is completely and utterly false.

You're right, it's all a matter of opinion, and I'm not telling you you're wrong for thinking Boyd should be MOP. I'm just saying why it's more probable that Calvillo will win.

I imagine AC will win; I just thought I'd throw my support behind Boyd.

BTW, another stat that Boyd kills all other backs in is yards/game. Boyd: 90.6; Reid: 79.2; Reynolds: 67.4; Robertson: 61.7. Another impressive stat is 100-yard games. Boyd: 6 (out of 15 games); Reid: 4 (17); Reynolds: 3 (17); Robertson: 3 (15).

Among the backs, Boyd was clearly the best.

the games where boyd wasn't spactacular running the ball, he probably made up for it in receiving yards.
he catches alot of dump and outlet passes.
not to mention blocking.

he is an all around great player, and the best this season.