Predictions for 2023

I'm surprised that no one paid Sankey but won't be surprised to see him be one that considers the double dip and is back after the XFL is done. Several teams would be interested and sad that MLBs that were always the heart of the defense are taking a second seat on salaries to linemen these days. The Bighill contract does not help.

I am hopeful to see Justin Herdman - Reed step up behind Larry Dean. Still young but five years in the league already. I rate him with upside that could see him take over next year.

BC in last place?

Don't know about that. Losing Rourke to the NFL might be a factor but not enough to finish last.

3rd place for them.

My West Standing

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Calgary
  3. BC
  4. Edmonton
  5. Saskatchewan

The East is the same with Montreal and Ottawa switching places.

No crossover (that may change as the season progresses).


Yeah.. a few years ago you used to be able to use a Canadian slot at WIL and boundary corner as sort of like a throw away position (provided the WIL was an average tackler). Thats no longer the case

It's really difficult to predict with so much free agency these days, but here goes nothing:


  1. Hamilton
  2. Ottawa
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal


  1. Winnipeg
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Calgary
  4. BC
  5. Edmonton

The other question .. riders in 3rd... :sweat_smile:

I could see them 7-11.

Will give the Lions around 9 wins.

Should be good for 3rd

I'm thinking the Lions, Stamps, and Riders could be in a real dogfight for 2-4.

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It is the Wild Wild West for a reason against the least of the East :joy:

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Throw Edmonton in the mix. They may surprise this season.

Dunbar, Eugene Lewis, Kyran Moore... seems to be a good group of recievers..

Plus got a couple pieces on defense with Purifoy and AC Leonard

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You never know about the East, home of the defending champions. Maybe this will be the season we achieve some parity.

I doubt it. But here's hoping.

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Here goes nothing as well:


I’m not sold on Bo but Hamilton’s backup and the quality of the rest of their players should ensure a first place finish and a likely rematch with the Bombers in the Grey Cup.

It wouldn’t shock me if Ottawa finished first, but then again there are a lot of unknowns there and Masoli needs to be healthy for them to succeed.

Toronto has a lot of solid players but a massive question mark at QB. If Chad Kelly plays well then they could finish first.

Montreal simply lost too many important players and doesn’t have the same quality of roster throughout as the rest of the Eastern teams.

Halifax has no chance as without a stadium they will surely default all of their home games and finish last.


Winnipeg to finish first is the easiest pick of this exercise. They will hit the ground running unlike most other teams and arguably did the best in free agency even though almost all of the free agents they signed were their own. Although a year older, a team that has barely lost for two years won’t be challenged for top spot this year.

Like Capital Dave I think that 2-4 in the West are interchangeable, I just have Edmonton in this group over Saskatchewan. I have them finishing third on the theory that Cornelius will progress, which is a must if they are to make the playoffs. Depending on his performance they could finish anywhere from 2nd to 5th. Their group of receivers is second only to that of Winnipeg.

BC could also finish anywhere after losing Rourke but I believe they have the best 1-2 QB combo in the league, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Evans that is left standing at the end of the day.

I have Calgary 4th because of their unimpressive off season, obvious slippage last season and a bit of a question mark around Maier, who I must say I did like over Bo and I think they made the right decision there. Yes I know as others have pointed out that Calgary always seems to pull it together and find new players no matter how the off season looks, but I’m predicting that won’t be the case this year under new management. I think they will perform exactly in accordance with how it looks like they will perform.

I have the Riders 5th although it wouldn’t shock me if they finished as high as third. They won’t be the tire fire they were last year, but it appears to me that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Their Achilles heel offensive line was improved slightly although it appears that the major improvement to the OL was signing a QB with the quickest release in the West (actually all of the league). We’ll see how all of that works out.

Grey Cup Prediction:

The Bombers over the Ticats in triple OT.

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every year people think Alouettes are going to be the worse team, then they end up being 2nd in the east.


I wouldn't be shocked if Fajardo puts up better numbers than Harris. Losing Lewis will hurt, though. But maybe some of their younger receivers can break through in his absence.

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Ha, you green guy's predict the same thing every year about Calgary missing the playoffs. How's that worked out for you in the last 34 years :nauseated_face:

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Somewhat agree but then why has not the stamps won the west the last 34 years ...or the grey Cup...more often than not the stamps shite the bed in the playoffs vs the riders ... But yea. The stamps in the past 34 years have mostly had a contender... Tempered with a lot of shiting of the bed too

The west has more parity then the last 4 seasons due to Edm can't be worse, Calgary is reverting to average with loss of Bo LM, Zach miracles being healthy for 3 years but beware, BC loss irreplaceable N R.
Toronto loss of McCloud will set them way back, Montreal' s Mass and Farjordo is mediocre. Hammer and Ottawa are easy winners in the East

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Most in agreement with a few strange long shot at best, at worse insane ramblings of half crazed mad dogs "riders in third place finish"
With one insanity plea of the Stamps finishing dead last

And another that the Bombers will miss the playoffs.

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