Predictions for 2010

Ya lmao, theres only 1 team below .500 in the whole league :?


Then prove us otherwise boss.Let's see the Bummers beat us with their glass QB and then make me eat crow.Do you feel lucky punk?Well do ya? :cowboy:
glass qb......This coming from a guy whose team has a qb. with braces on both :lol: :lol: :lol:

....are you really 'dirty hairy' 15 champs...?????? :lol:

I think that topic would be far more interesting than most of the crap we've been discussing for the last month.

I was thinking the same thing. :lol: Guess his calculator broke.

[quote author="papazoola"]

glass qb......This coming from a guy whose team has a qb. with braces on both :lol: :lol: :lol:

....are you really 'dirty hairy' 15 champs...?????? :lol:

Last I checked Glenn and Porter were healthy all season (exclude Porter's thumb injury as he played through it), and Pierce was out at LEAST 4x last season.I've got no worries, the way I see it any of our QB's are capable of doing well.If you're happy with what you have then good for you :smiley:

I think every BC quarterback was injured last year weren't they ?

Not making excuses, but if it walks like a duck ?

Are you accusing Wally of beating his quarterbacks?

lol, not beating, more like depraved indifference.

do linebackers ever stop wanting to put a hurt on qbs?

I don't think I'm that pleased with the predictions so far (other than the guy who thinks the teams will combine for something like a 45-27 record overall, which is priceless).

Historically we haven't done well as the stalking horse.....I'd much prefer to be the unanimous choice for the basement.

everyone will go 9-9!

4 way ties for each division! hehehehe

you guess whos 1st and whos 4th! :lol:

Well, since it's a Wednesday, and I'm bored out of my mind, I thought I'd post my predictions. :lol: I just went through the schedule week-by-week and picked the winners. Then I tallied the wins and losses for each team.

Of course, my best score in BigDave's pool was 50-20 (we had two ties), so take this for what it is... a bored man trying to kill half an hour.

Calgary 10-8
Edmonton 10-8
B.C. 10-8
Saskatchewan 9-9

Montreal 11-7
Hamilton 9-9
Winnipeg 9-9
Toronto 4-14

You crack me up, pigseye :stuck_out_tongue:

How many people would be willing to post their predictions before the season starts, and then see who does the best?

I can tell ya right now, mine are wrong. :lol: I doubt we'll have so many ties at the end of the season.

toronto is going to do better than expected.

Thats what I’m hoping for, I’m hoping for at least a 6-12 or 7-11 season, but I’d be happy with 4-14 if all the games are close

Time to get lynched...

B.C. 12-6
Calgary 11-7
Saskatchewan 9-9
Edmonton 8-10

Montreal 10-8
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 5-13
Toronto 3-15

The good ship Argonaut will keep on taking water until they get a good QB and Montreal's shine will start to wear off at last.

ham 12-6
mont 11-7
tor 6-12
wpg 4-14

cal 13-5
sask 11-7
ed 9-9
bc 6-12

Patiently awaits Killer's lynching of Grims

meh, no need too, all ill say is... everyone seems to think the bombers will suck... whats gonna happen when/if the bombers kick the living crap out of everyone? then what... whatever tho. doesnt bother me really what others are thinking.. a month and a half b4 the season even begins.

we'll see what the standings look like come september october november.