Predictions for 2010

Yeah,smart %$# just like Printers did to you the week after!!!!!!!

That game was well contested and went to OT. I'd hardly call the Lions' victory 'mopping the floor with the Cats'.

il make east predictions, west is way too close for me so far, really anything could pan out

2010 cfl east prediction

Montreal - 12-6
Winnipeg - 11-7 (with healthy pierce bombers take 3 of 4 vs cats)
Hamilton - 9-9
Toronto - 3-15

if buck pierce only plays a part season again...

montreal - 12-6
Hamilton - 11-7 (will win 3 of 4 against bb if pierce doesnt play)
Winnipeg - 8-10
Toronto - 4-14 (will win an extra from the bb if peirce is out)

Wow, most everyone is predicting a pretty catastrophic season for the Argos. Barker is not going to have a 3-15 team.

The Lion's only made the playoff's cause the Cat's bailed them out.Even then as Joe says, you won by the skin of your teeth.Ticats have learned from '09 and have made some great additions.We swept you during the regular season last year too by the way, so don't be too proud of yourself.

I like you. A lot. Not in a gay way of course (not that theres anything wrong with that)

I know this is a joke. you can't be serious!

barker is a good guy for the job, and i think if given time will have this team on the right track.. but its hard to expect anything from them this season... 0 experience at the eq position, 1 proven reciever... new faces everywhere.. the coaching staff will have to work quicly to evaluate their talent and adjust the game plan to fit the team and which ever qbs arises as the number one (if any) ... every other team has more consistency starting the season, i like the argos, id love to say theyl get 6 or 7 wins, but i just cant see it this season... barker or not

love when ppl take predictions made like a week b4 training camp even begins so seriously.

all i know is right now… everyone is in 1st place, tied for first. tied for last.

i dont even know who most teams will have on their rosters come july 1st and i think if u do know who most of your players are gonna be, why are u bothering having a training camp.

2009 was 2009, what happened then has no bearing on what happens in 2010 unless ofcourse u registered for school in 2009 and are graduating this year.

prediction threads a month and a half b4 the season even begins is ridiculous and whoever took what i said previously in my post needs to truly get a life.

So when someone criticizes the Bombers, you won't talk about how they were one win away from making the playoffs last year? :lol:

Nah, but I agree. Anyone who takes this topic seriously is in desperate need of a hobby!

nah.. i could care less what happened in 2009. i broke up with my gf of like 4 years in 2009, i have a new one now, shes hotter and funner and actually doesnt whine at me for no reasons, lots of things chance in a year. whatever, last year is last year.

just kinda getting tired of the ticat fans on this site to be honest thinking they are the cats azz.

Well, they are the Tiger-Cats

Agreed. I think people are erring on the side of caution with the Argos the same way they did with the Ti-Cats during their drought. But the Argos will do better than most think. They won't make the playoffs, but they won't be the league punching-bag, either. I'd say 6-12 sounds about right.

Let's see pics of the new girl friend vs. the old one. I think it would make an excellent poll question. Something to tie us over until the new season.

Let's re-visit this during GC week. You may be right....

Then prove us otherwise boss.Let's see the Bummers beat us with their glass QB and then make me eat crow.Do you feel lucky punk?Well do ya? :cowboy:

So when someone criticizes the Bombers, you won't talk about how they were one win away from making the playoffs last year?
Yes, but the team is missing Mike Kelly and Michael Bishop, who has a winning record in the them. :wink:

so how do i prove this a month and a half b4 the season actually begins?

i mean really, what your asking for is impossible because the season doesnt start until july 1st and its not even june 1st yet.

I'd be interested in hearing your explanation as to how these standings are possible.....

That's what I was asking for, yeesh you don't let to many things soar over your head do you? :roll: