Predictions for 2010

I am going out on a limb and confidently predict that the stars will align and the Eskimos will hoist the Grey Cup at home. This will be followed by screams of protest that the EE broke every salary cap rule to win at home.

Ok now for a real prediction... :lol:

Riders will win the division again

with the Esks in 2nd place, Stamps in 3rd and Lions in 4th

Ti-Cats will be first, Als 2nd, Bombers 3rd and Argos in 4th

there will be no cross over this season.

Esks will NOT win the Grey Cup sorry. They will lose in the Division Semi Finals to the Stamps,

Montreal 12-6
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 8-10
Toronto 4-14

Edmonton 11-7
Calgary 10-8
Saskatchewan 9-9
BC 8-10

Hamilton crushes Winnipeg in the east semis, Sask upsets Calgary. Hamilton finally takes down the juggernaut Montreal Alouettes, Saskatchewan upsets the hometown hosts. Hamilton wins in a wild, dramatic 4th quarter come back similar to last years championship game.

realistically and u both have the cats winning? realitically? the cats will be lucky to improve on their 9-9 record last season. Noone in the east will catch montreal, winnipeg will host the eastern semi against calgary who will win then head to montreal where the stamps will beats the als... over in the west.. sask finishs 3rd in the west.. calgary 4th, edmonton 1st and bc 2nd..

sask will lose to bc in bc and then bc will lose to edmonton in edmonton...

grey cup will be the western rep eskimos vs the eastern rep.. stampeders. stamps win big. in a blow out.

ticats will finish 6-12 and next off season , ticat fans will talk about how the cats are the beasts of the east.

Making predictions before training camp is like sweeping leaves on a windy day.

Actually those predictions had to have been made after a night of partying with Doctor Galea :smiley:

The CFL is a complete toss up when it comes to who is going to finish where. New unknown import players make big contributions every year.

The x-factor is experience at QB. In this regard, the east is slightly more predictable than the west:

There's no reason to think the Ti-Cats and Bombers won't be at least as competitive as they were last year. If Peirce stays healthy and Kevin Glenn has a season in the starter's role, I think the cross over won't be happening this year. I still think the Alouettes will finish first but they'll be hard pressed to match last year's level of dominance especially if the Cats and Bombers raise their game. The Argos' offence will be stalled unless one of their quarterbacks is the next Ricky Ray. That's unlikely but you never know.

I have no idea about the west. It was 5 points between 1st and 4th last year. All the teams have experience at QB if not dependable depth at the position. Who has made the most significant signings? Again, new import players again are a dime a dozen and its unpredictable as to what impact they'll have. Can we really expect Saskatchewan and Calgary to be 1-2 again this year? Edmonton and BC went down to the wire last year to settle 3-4. Everyone in BC is excited about Printers but as fun as it is to watch him dance around behind the line of scrimmage, what was his record as a starter last year? 1-3 or something like that? Is there any evidence to suggest Edmonton is any better than last year?

East: I'll say Montreal hosting Hamilton in the East final given a Buck Pierce concussion in Winnipeg and a lack of offence in Toronto. Montreal will represent the east in the Grey Cup for the 8th time in 11 seasons.

West: A heck... Saskatchewan rides their home field advantage in all 4 western stadiums to the Grey Cup.

Champion: An ageing Calvillo doesn't have the 13th man to bail him out this year. Riders win 2010 Grey Cup.

BONUS! 2011: Cahoon and Calvillo retire. Jim Popp and Marc Trestmen find jobs in the NFL, the Ti-Cats rebuilding will be complete after years of futility. The Grey Cup returns to Hamilton for reasons other than to reside in the hall of fame.

Isn't Trestman on contract until the end of 2012?

Never let the facts get in the way of a good fantasy. :lol:

this is way to early to predict until after training camp is over, but i will take a shot at it, and then again predict after training camp.


  1. Montreal ( 13-5)
  2. Hamilton ( 11-7)
  3. Winnipeg ( 10-8)
  4. Toronto ( 9-9)


1.Sask ( 12-6)
2.Calgary (11-7)
3. Bc ( 10-8)
4. Edmonton ( 8-10)

No cross over Hamilton playes winnipeg in eastern semi-final hamilton wins 30-15
Montreal plays Hamilton eastern final Montral wins 35- 20

BC plays Calgary western semi final Bc wins 27-19
Bc Plays Sask western final Bc wins 33-18

Bc and Montreal grey cup in edmonton , Bc wins 30-27

So realistically the ti-cats will finish with 3 less wins than they did last year despite all the improvements they made?

Makes sense...

Reminds of me how the bombers missed the playoffs in 09 and now bomber fans think they will host a playoff game and wipe the floor with the team that embrarrased the bombers at home last season.

The only thing I feel reasonably comfortable predicting right now (though I could well be wrong) is that the East will be more competitive across the board this season.

I'll predict cfleskfan was poking fun...

Close Chris, but I see it more like:

Montreal 12-6
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 7-11
Toronto 5-13

Edmonton 11-7
Sask 10-8
Calgary 9-9
BC 8-10

I could've sworn that I read he was under contract until the end of the 2010 season and planned to remain loyal to the Al's at least until his contract is up.After that who knows.

Here's the article

I predict that montreal will do this yr what vancouver failed to do in 94

He signed a new 3 year deal 2010,11,12

It isn't uncommon for CFL teams to allow NFL teams to speak with coaches & staff under contract about opportunities down south. Its a sign of good faith that the club is progressive enough not to hold their employees from a good opportunity.

Heck, didn't BC let a player go before his option year so he could sign with an NFL club?

Ooh, okay.Thanks for the update

predict danny brannigan will get both most outstanding player and most outstanding Canadian.

Stamps win grey cup against Toronto in a blow out.

Edmonton Riots from Stamps winning in commonwelth.

Sask goes 4-14. fires coach halfway through season, hires Mike kelly. Kelly promises he can count.

Montreal luzes in wildcard to Edmonton in the West semi final.

hamilton beats winnipeg in playoffs, then luzes to toronto.

BC goes 8-10. wally retires.