Okay, right from the start. I know what most people think about “Predictions” okay! With training camp around the corner all of us are trying to figure out how our respective teams are going to compare with the other seven. So don’t start with the…it’s too early for this… this is for fun and debate. Our CFL season is about to begin so lets have some fun!!

West Division

Edmonton…hiring Hall as a coach will not be a mistake and the esks will win the season series with Calgary and finish first.
Calgary…grey cup contender all the way but Edmonton will catch up this season.
BC…alot of new talent, but I believe they’ll slip abit this year.
Saskatchewan…Unproven Qb’s but will still compete and could easily cross over to the east.(sorry ro1313)

East Division

Montreal…still the class of the division but I believe things will tighten up alot more.
Winnipeg…unproven Qb’s,questionable secondary but strong defense.
Hamilton…unproven Qb’s but I still see major improvements and could finish second depending on Winnipeg’s Quarterbacking.
Toronto…not enough improvement in areas that need it the most.


Argonauts go undefeated in the regular season and post season, capturing the Grey Cup in november. Due to their dominance in every facet of gridiron football, the Argos are granted a surprise entry into the NFL playoffs where they promptly go undefeated and subsequently win the Superbowl. At this time, all of the United States comes to understand the superiority of everything Canadian over everything American. In a panic, Roger Goodell drops to his knees and begs Mark Cohon not to ever award expansion franchises to cities in the United States, for fear that the newly fragile NFL would be crushed by the awesome might of the CFL. Cohon agrees, on the condition that the words "... but we still wish we had been born in Canada" be added to the end of the American national anthem. Barack Obama agrees, in exchange for his own customized Toronto Argonauts jersey and tickets to the 2010 Grey Cup.

.............. and the Argos still only average 27 000 per game.

It is so sad when people go off their meds. :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with 27 000 paying fans? Still more then Montreal, Hamilton and Winnipeg. Weird obsession with Toronto’s attendance. It is a competitive sports/entertainment market. Not like Edmonton where the competition is a minor league baseball team and a mall…

No the ones making preditions before camp even starts are the ones off their meds :wink:

1 - BC, why? Its the Lions, durrr.
2 - Cowtown, why? They're a great team but I can't see 'em pulling it off twice in a row.
3 - Edmonton, why? They're not Saskatchewan
4 - Saskatchewan, why? You need an offence to win games.


1 - Montreal, why? Default
2 - Steeltown, why? Team on the rise, we saw much promise last year, I think they'll finally get back on their feet.
3 - Toronto, why? They're not Winterpeg.
4 - Winterpeg, why? Who's their QB again???

All of these predictions have a statistical accuracy of +/- 3 positions. :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO, Thanks for the exact reaction I was looking for.
Ohh, by the way at least Edmonton has a NHL team, hopefully Toronto gets one too.

Mods....please do me a favor and remove this topic completely. I started this topic for fun but obviously some people aren't intelligent enough to comprehend that.

My apologies

By the looks of the last week, Toronto only has a minor league team, and no mall. So where are the fans? Oh yea, if it's not possible to lose more than 18 in a row, Toronto fans don't consider it a major league.

You know what scotsman.......your predictions are how I see them as well.

Saskatchewan (BC and Sask going to the wire for that last Playoff spot, loser crosses over)


Now Mark, be nice.... dmont is a valued customer of BC's number 1 exported Agricultural product. :cowboy: :cowboy: Proves we export good stuff! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Besides, it was very creative....Turkeybend would have been proud of him!

I would rather predict the first half of the season then the whole season looking at who they play

High hopes for Montreal, Everyone is putting them first in the east -
They play the west in their first 3 games - Calgary, Edmonton and Sask, Hamilton, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Sask.

Montreal could very easily start the season 0-2, Edmonton has improved as well.
Sask being a wildcard. They seem weaker than last season. But you never know. Hamilton is going to be stronger this year as well as Toronto.
At best Montreal comes out of the first half of the season 5-3 But with all teams except Sask improving on paper probably looking at a 3-5 start.


Hamilton has to be the wildcard for the first half of the season - playing Toronto, BC. Winnipeg, Montreal, BC, Edmonton, Sask and Edmonton

Both Montreal and Hamilton getting rid of 2 western teams in the first half of the season. Hamilton team 'should' do better this year. and hopefully Porter will show that he can be a great QB in this league. I wouldn't be surprised they win their first 3. predicting a 5-3 start for the ticats.


Big Improvement from last year, but Rookie head coach and an unknown of which Joesph will show up for gametime. Recievers are a big question mark.
Facing : Hamilton, Sask, Calgary, Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Montreal, BC, and Calgary. in the first 8.
Predicting a 3-5 but could go to 2-6


Rookie QB? No major improvements from last season? Very tough start to the season as well.
Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, BC.
1-7 very possible

Don't know how hockey is competes with the CFL, especialy when the Oilers haven't played spring hockey in a long time and the Eskimos haven't played in to late fall :slight_smile: I wouldn't brag about the Oilers, you read like a Rider fan :lol:

Just based on population Toronto at 5.5 million in the GTA should lead the league in attendance by a country mile, no matter what the compettition. Face facts, Toronto is a poor sports town, period.

  1. Stamps
    Hands down best team in the league with Smilin' Hank

  2. Lions
    Even without Stefan Logan they look solid

  3. Riders
    They proved last year that they're for real, injuries and all.

  4. Eskies
    Can't believe some people are predicting them to be in first. Still lots of questions there.

  5. Montreal
    Popp always brings in great veterans. He's never afraid to give guys a 2nd or 3rd chance.

  6. TiCats
    Offseason was OK. Glenn will be starter by Week 5.

  7. Argos
    Watch for Kerry Joseph to rebound with a very strong year.

  8. Bombers
    Stefan Lefors QB....come on. Too many changes there.

I predict that TV viewership and attendance will exceed MLS :lol:

I predict that Chris Shultz to get pissed at jock Climie but won't give him a beat down :cry:

I predict that by natal day Bomber fans will be harder to find on forums as a Titanic survivor.

I predict that something involving women, beer cans or manure will happen in Saskatchewan :wink:

I predict MLSE will make press releases about their Bills ticket on the friday of Labour day weekend and some more noise during Grey Cup week.

I predict a post season game in Hamilton for the first time since Milli Vanilli were in the news.

I never understood the fascination to dump on Edmonton. Care to explain yourself?

I will disregard posts from Calgary because I understand that's a rivalry but...

...I am predicting there are going to be a lot of surprises in the east this year........and that Milt Stegall will work on TSN........ :thup:

Oh papa I think Milt would be great in that role! Either on the halftime panel or as a commentator during games.