Predictions for 2007...where will we finish in the East?

I definitely think things are turning around. After a busy off season coming up for GM Desjardins I believe the Cats will be battling for 1st place in the East with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I anticipate many changes in the off season for the Black & Gold. How about that…from worst to first. Sounds good to me.

Where will we finish? The only prediction I'll make on this one will depend upon the schedule. Perhaps we'll finish at home.

Other than that.... I'll wait at least a bit and see how the pieces come together. Remember our enthusiam of last winter?

not this again

Im not gonna get into predictions for next year like I did last year.It's just to big of a let down................

With the roster we have now we will finish 4th.

we shud just always predict last, it seems to work out that way every year, im just glad the NFL has started and i have a team who can win The Colts :slight_smile: screw the cfl right now its bunk

3 teams will have records worst than the cats in 2007

Unfortunately mediocracy is rewarded in the CFL. You only need to win three games in a row to take the cup. Lets have more regular season games and cut down on those teams making the playoffs.

Let's jump to 2008 I have a better feeling
about that year.Next year we will be still
experimenting with QB's

Well i predicted 3rd place for this year... so why not again?

We'll finish 3rd in the East next year.

Third, but if Ottawa does get back in to the league then fourth.

There are some rumblings that Ottawa may come back next year and they will pick up a decent QB in the draft.

Impossible to predict. The CFL is a league where a 180 turn-around is absolutely possible from one year to the next. Look at the Esks--3 O-line retirements, 2 key injuries and they go from Grey Cup to being out of the playoffs.

But if things stay pretty much as they are, I'd say:

1 Argos (the Grey Cup game is here in 2007)
2 Bombers
3 Als
4 Cats

An Argo fan

The only predictions I will make regarding 2007 are as follows:

#1. Hamilton will NOT win the Grey Cup.

#2. A majority of Hamilton fans will not be happy about #1.

#3. A majority of Hamilton fans will not be happy with where the team finishes in the standings.

#4. A majority of Hamilton fans will not be happy with the officiating in any number of games.

#5. Some fans will feel the beers not cold enough.

can't we wait until after christmas for this?

Let's agree on...May 25th! :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Hmmm, I have heard that it's actually quite unlikely that there will be a CFL team in Ottawa. You can click here for the reason I don't think CFL football will be played in Ottawa next year. But I'd like to know where you have heard anything about the possibility that there might be a team there next year.

Anyway, I'm one those who say it is much too soon to make predictions for next year. Teams in the CFL can go from first-to-worst and vice versa in a short period of time. But I do think the Ticats are closer to being one of the league's better teams than one might think.

hmmm, i say:
we'll have a crossover into the west maybe. and we'll win the west division.
i would cry tears of joy.
and then all the hamilton fans can go, its only an hours drive.

and if not i say