Predictions for 2007 (May Edition)

Okay, I know pre-season hasn't started yet, but did YOUR team fill all the positions they needed to fill? We can do this prediction thread again after the pre-season to see if any thing has changed. But for now,

Let the Debates begin! :wink: :wink: :wink:


BC 12-6
Calgary 11-7
Saskatchewan 10-8
Edmonton 6-12


Winnipeg 10-8
Montreal 9-9
Hamilton 7-11
Toronto 7-11

I think the West will be stronger than the East (As my records reflect) BC and Calgary will battle for first place all year and the winner will be the team with the most depth to handle injuries(Not if they happen but when) While Saskatchewan improved on Offence (receivers), they lost some key defenders. Edmonton could surprise if their Offensive line gets it together and can give Ricky Ray time to find receivers.

In the East, Can Kevin Glenn get it done? If not, then an aging Montreal team will re-claim first place. If Winnipeg had a PROVEN QB, its no telling what they could do this year. No more excuses for Glenn this year, its time for him to step up and demonstrate if he is a starter or not. An aging Toronto Defense and an Aging QB (Allen) should allow an improved Hamilton to hop over them for the last play-off spot, providing Jason Mass stays healthy.

You will have to re-do those numbers Sportie!
You have 71 wins and 73 loses.
It should add up to 72 and 72


BC 12-6
Great as last year no suprises here. The team to beat!
Calgary 11-7
Better offensively but defense is question mark could drop a bit.
Edmonton 9-9
Improved and they might even do better then this coaching is the weakness
Saskatchewan 7-11
Transition year for the Riders coaching is in question and new system in place. Austin's offensive scheme might cause problems.

Winnipeg 10-8
Well they may get first by default all other teams are back at the drawing plans.
Montreal 9-9
Can they do it again. Can they keep the suprises happening and come out playing like that last few years. Just when you think this team will suffer they suprise you. May challenge for first.
Toronto 7-11
See Montreal but I think this year is a rebuild and might end up the bottom or second. Depends in off season recruitment.
Hamilton 7-11
Ouch I would really like to see these guys do better but over the past couple of years it just looks like from start to finish the worst team.

Thanks ro, my calculator is as old as I am.....with the magic of technology, I have edited my predictions and gave the Riders another win!

Ro just had his socks of that all! Show off Ro!

Yours dont add up either rw05! :lol:

Ha ha ha you were right! I will need to take my socks off as well.

At this early time, your predictions are probably as good as anybody guesses. No doubt there will be surprises in the future. Hamilton as an improved team is a hard sell now because of failed promise in 2006. Easier to see Edmonton bounce back to glory. I agree that the west appears stronger than the east.

How about the fact it's you know... MAY!! lol, wait for camp people.

Why must people always hate on Glenn?
He's been a starter for 2.5 Seasons.
He had a horrid defence in 2005 and is still pretty good as a Starter.(win-loss wise)

2004 - Started 8 games(was atleast .500)(if someone can find which 8 games he started in 2004)
2005 - Started 15 games(injured for 3) went 5-10 (3 Losses to T.Martin)
2006 - Started/finished 13 games went 9-4 in the reg Season (3 Losses to M.Quinn Starting + 1 M.Quinn taking over in the 2nd Quarter + 1 Dinwiddie taking over in the second Quarter)

Record as a Bomber starter:
Atleast 18-18 -Includes Horrible 2005 Defence.
0-1 in One playoff game.

Without Major injuries to the Bombers this year and Glenn started all 18 the Blue will have between 12-14 wins.

Providing it's MAY!! and TC's aren't open yet

East: 34-38
Winnipeg 12-6
Montreal 9-9
Hamilton 7-11
TO 6-12

West: 38-34
BC 11-7
Calgary 11-7
Sask 9-9
Edmonton 7-11

Major Changes can happen, Burris can go down in Game 1 for the Season, The bombers can Sign Bolden and just dominate games Winning 14 or 15 games in 2007.
any backup could step up and change his teams fortunes(QB backups especially in TO/Hamilton)

My knock on Glenn, is that he makes bad choices at bad times. He racks up decent numbers, but then forces a ball thats intercepted and kills momentum on drives.

B.C. 13-5
Calgary 10-8
Saskatchewan 9-9
Edmonton 7-11

Montreal 10-8
Toronto 9-9
Winnipeg 8-10
Hamilton 6-12

BC 13-5
Didn't lose much from last season, and as defending GC champs, they're the best bet for first in the west.

Calgary 11-7
Has the potential to have the best offence in the league(if Burris can find his receivers). But defence could be a bit shaky.

Edmonton 9-9
Hiring of Jacques Chapdelaine as OC, and an improved secondary can do wonders(As long as the o-line continues to improve).

Saskatchewan 6-12
Lost key defensive players (two best players in the secondary), Keith, Greene. Could take a while for questionable Austin to work things out. *rebuilding year (IMO)

Winnipeg 12-6
Strong defence + Milt + Roberts can equal success if Kevin Glenn keeps improving.

Montreal 9-9
Team is getting older and coaching could be an issue. This team can surprise and could end up challenging for first if things work out.

Toronto 8-10
Lack of a proven QB(Allen is getting old) will be the major downfall for the Argos. Some releases on defence could provide a weakness in the early part of the season.

Hamilton 4-14
Most questionable team in the league as of right now. Not many proven players, but if team gels quickly, they might have a shot at the playoffs. Between Maas, Butler, Williams, and Chang, they should be able to discover a decent starting QB.
I think that adds up...

regardless of who well the teams do in the standings, I predict it will be another Edmonton vs Montreal grey cup.

Seems a bit unlikely at this point in the year, but who knows. I'd LOVE to see another edm/mon grey cup, as long as it's as entertaining and nailbiting as the last one.


BC 11-7
Saskatchewan 11-7
Calgary 11-7
Edmonton 6-12

I really would rather have DB as coach still, but I gotta have faith with the powers that be and hope that Kent Austin will provide improvement... The Riders have got to be amazing in the passing department, there really isnt no team right now in the CFL as stacked as the Riders with receivers, IMO... I think Saskatchewan, BC, and Calgary could finish in any order in 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Sorry Edmonton...


Winnipeg 10-8
Montreal 9-9
Toronto 9-9
Hamilton 5-13

I like Winnipeg in the East. Montreal and Toronto will be neck and neck all season. Hamilton will improve (how could they not?), but they wont be spectacular.

Oh and for the playoffs...


Im not even gonna make a table or nothing, because I know who is gonna come out of the West. Go Riders!


Toronto over Montreal
Winnipeg over Toronto

The 2007 CFL Champions will be:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders!!!
(Who else...)

And you said that with such a straight face!, homerism at work, you obviously haven't seen our roster or BC's, but thats o.k., what you don't know will hurt you later....

Yeah Red, he's right! :roll: :roll: Simon, Clermont, Lewis, Copeland...all second stringers, yup, wouldn't even make the Riders practice roster. :roll: :roll:

A shame that those players don't actually play for the same team, huh?
I bet if I add Tucker, Bruce, Stegal, and Cahoon to the list, you are right, the Riders roster pales by comparison...
Anyway, I'll concede BC has a good group, but Calgary's receivers dissappeared in the second half of the season last year, and about the only guy on their roster I would covet is Lewis. Thelwell was a good addition, but as a NI, he doesn't actually make them better--just changes the ratio and allows them to play that import on the o-line they traded for.

Might as well do my picks.
I've posted them before, but I see you guys like to play the guessing game on records as well.

Some people seem to think we are rebuilding. Well if we are, someone should tell ET/Austin, as their mandate when hired was to get a home play-off game. Period.
We lost a few players due to cuts, trades, retirement, but the fact is, we have gotten younger, and faster. The o-line was getting long in the tooth, but we still have two all-stars plus a number of proven vets and youngsters to compete for openings.
The o-line will continue to be a strength this year.
The loss of KK will hurt, but Roy always said RBs are a dime a dozen...ET can now prove that. Roberts and Reynolds remain the best in the league, but the Rider running game should still be better than BC or Edmonton.
It is a good group.
Dominguez, Armstead, Fantuz, plus I think DJ Flick, with a good selection of imports and non imports to fill out the roster should in fact, make the Rider receiving corp one of the best in the league.

On defence, the returning players are largely the guys that made us a top 2 defence last year. The loss of Morgan and Bush will be noticed, but we already had capable guys in camp last year, who can play.
Our d-line will miss Nate, but because of injuries, we played much of the last 2 seasons without him anyway.
The line that finished #2 in sacks should continue to be strong.
Our linebackers are as good as anybody's.
The only real question for the Riders is KJ. How's the knee, and can he have a break through year?

Calgary: 10-8.
I don't actually see much difference between this team and last years.
They tinkered with the o-line, but gave up a starting NI for an import--and I'm not sure that makes them better. Bo might still be able to play, but then he just replaces one of last years guys. Thelwell might be able to play, but same thing. Is Lewis, Copeland, Thelwell, Bo, really going to be better than Lewis, Copeland, Rambo, Thurman?
Reynolds is a talent, but he wore down last year.As did the entire offence.
Hank gets far too much blame for the late season meltdown, as his receivers, particularly Copeland tanked towards the end. Of course Copeland was sulking.
Defence will again be a huge question for Calgary. Average line, good backers, suspect DBs.

BC: 10-8.
Still plenty of talent, and if DD stays healthy, this will be a 3-way dogfight for 1st.
While BC was the class of the field last year, it was not because they were that much more talented than either the Riders or Calgary. In fact the talent is close. But they simply played better, harder, etc.
Any Grey Cup hangover will result in a failure to repeat last years success.

Edmonton: 7-11.
This team should be better than last year.
But their record flattered them last year--this year they'll earn it.
O-line is moving from a glaring weakness, to a strength.
Ricky Ray--'nuff said.
Unfortunately, they appear to be getting worse at RB and receiver.
I'm sorry but Josh Ronak isn't as good as Troy Davis.
And Tucker can't carry the whole team. An interesting sidebar here is, can the 'Smoes afford to cut Mookie after giving him a huge signing bonus...?
On defence, an entirely new backfield gives them hope. We'll see if they gel.
D-line is just okay, but the linebacking isn't good.
Maybe they'll finally replace Gass...

Now, the hard part--making the east numbers add up so ro doesn't have to take his socks off again!

The west should dominate the east again.

Winnipeg: 11-7
The biggest danger with Winnipeg is that young teams that exceed expectations one year, often slide back the next. I think Winnipeg can avoid that, partially due to the weakness of the competition in the east.
Best RB in the league.
Possibly the best 1-2 receivers in the league.
An improving o-line.
An improving Kevin Glenn. Should add up to a decent offence this year.
Some changes on defence, but they should be solid up the middle, and if Simpson can play as well as he did last year, Greg Marshall will get the most out of what he has.

I only have them that high because of AC. On the other hand, I only gave them 8 wins to make the numbers work...
This team has talent throughout the line-up, but holes throughout as well.
Plus I remain unconvinced that Popp can wear both hats. But they should still have enough to stay ahead of TO and Hamilton.

Hamilton: 7-11.
They were never as bad talent wise as their record last year says, and if they don't fire the coach...
New found stability will help, but they have a ways to go. Huge question at QB to go with the myriad of other issues.
Defencively, they should be better. Tough to be worse...

TO: 7-11.
Toughest call in the east.
It really should be a dogfight all year to see if one of the bottom 3 can assert themselves.
Toronto has still got a decent receiving corp, but can DA still play?
They are very suspect at RB, and the o-line can pass block, but cannot run block.
On defence, strong nucleus still, but aging.
If DA can continue to drink from the fountain of youth, this team can challenge for 1st.
If they have to go to Bishop, or whomever, say goodnight...