Predictions for 07...

It may be a little early for this thread but im going to make it anyway. Lots of movement by players , but I dont think there will be lots of changes in the standings this year:

1.BC- They are still the team to beat, but it will be much closer this time around.
2.SK- They will have a better regular season this time around, and will beat out Calary for second, and may challenge for 1st.
3.CGY- A incosistent Burris-- one has to wonder how his confidence and psyche are after last year's western semi-final, might mean a 3rd place finish for them this year
4.EDM- Unless they get a good QB to back up Ray, they will finish last again, no matter how many changes they make otherwise


1.MTL-IM0, they are weaker than they were a year ago, but still good enough to finish 1st.
2.WPG- they will improve on their finish last year, and challenge the Als for 1st this year.
3. TOR- if the offence picks up where they left off last year- this team is in trouble, could even finish last if they cant put points on the board,Damon or no Damon
4.HAM still a poor team, but could move up if Toronto's offence is as anemic as it was in the 2nd half of last year.

Edmonton could cross over if both the Argos and Cats show real ineptitude--which could be a possibility

As Much Hate to Agree with you
I see Hamilton Having Less wins then last year.

i agree with those predictions....altho im not 100% sold that edmonton will finish last in the west and not calgary.

edmontons main problem last year, was a small package of plays on they have BC lions O-cordinador from last season, so they might beat out the stamps for that 3rd not sure.

i'll wait until after pre-season b4 i make my OFFICIAL picks.

Overall, I agree, but I think Hamilton might do better. A new coach, a new GM, a new vitality in the whole club. I think the Ti-Cats could get into 3rd ahead of Toronto.

Allen is just too old to be a #1 pivot, he'll be 44 this July, and in as good a condition as he's in, a 44 year old can't compete against a 32 year old. Hamilton has the talent, they proved that in their wins last year, their problem was that they didn't work together as a team, and that's why they lost so often.

Chappy did a good job for the Leos last year, but I think a big part of that was Wally pushing Chappy to change things up. Without Wally, I think Chappy may revert to, the 2005 Leos with a totally predictable offense. The Eskie defense was lousy, and you do need a balanced attack on both sides of the ball to win games.

Allen had numerous physical testing, and the results show he's physically on par with 33 year olds....according to kieth pelley on PTS.

at 42 he was MOP at 43 he was toast?...penthouse to the outhouse in one season?...coincedently he had a busted finger requiring surgery all season...Hmmmm...i'm willing to give him 3 games b4 i judge him as toast.

i think we'll know by week 3 if allen is toast or if last year was bad because he played with a messed up finger all season.

wow sambo good analysis you think a back up QB that wont get a snap all season will show if a team makes or misses the playoffs...god sambo your geting more dense every year, i believe sask wont make the playoffs because there 3rd string WR isnt good enough LOL

making predicitons now is like trying to guess the lotto numbers

Maybe it's my Evergreen & Gold blood but I am picking Edmonton to finish second ahead of Calgary with the Riders in the cellar. Look for the Eskimos to make some changes in their O-line which was the big problem last year. I have heard from a usually very reliable source that Kevin Lefsrud will be returning which should help, word is that he would have returned last year if he hadn't broke his arm.

Im dense? So who will the Esks rely on to take snaps if Ray gets injured or is unproductive? Ray the starter you went all the way with last year, and where did the Esks wind up? Oh that's right--LAST!!!
You can try to bring in all the receivers and RBs you want-- Ray and Maas proved last year that they were below average QBs without each other, both of the teams that they were the undisputed starter failed to make it to the playoffs-- and , fyi, the Riders have Dominguez, Armstead, Richardson,Murphy and Flick in the receiving core- not too shabby if you ask me.

if you think ricky is the reason we missed the playoffs. then you are dense and ricky never been injured ( unlike joseph) and we have better RBS and better WRS, you only got to the west final and havnt won the cup since 89 i wouldnt try to brag about anything there sammy

...I would have to agree, The EEs finished where they did last year because of questionable offensive strategy, a less-than-par defense and plain old bad luck...RR was not a failure, in fact he managed pretty decent numbers in a losing campaign...

if theres any reason were gonna finish last is macocsuck

when has Ricky Ray ever been injured or been unproductive???...QB is the LAST thing the esks have to worry about.

last year, the eskies sucked, even tho ray was productive....its the play calling that ruined them.

i remember the argos beat them last season...and after the game, the argos defensive players said they knew exactly what plays were comming cuz the esks run such few plays, that they were able to pick the esks off in key moments of the game.

Ray was arguably the Esks most consistent player last year, despite playing with little or no defensive support and absoluteley no creativity in play calling. I still don't see the Esks rebounding and necessarily making the playoffs although it's the CFL and a lot can change in a year.

They need to add speed, youth and talent to the defensive backfield as well as the lindbacking core. I think AJ can give them another season or two, but better start looking for his replacement. They do have some promising kids, but are they good enough. That's the question that needs to be answered. So do you dump them and continue to rebuild year after year or do you give them the chance so that you can see if you already have what you need.

Offensively, again age is going to become a factor quickly. The receiving corps is getting up there. They showed they can still compete, but for how much longer? On the other hand, the OL did start to play better at the end of the year. They are young, not old and this more than anything is what created theyr'e inconsistency last season. I haven't seen much notable yet in the way of signings to address these problems so gotta be only cautiously optimistic at this point.


what in ur wild dreams makes you think you will finish 2nd when u lose kenton keith and gain only flick????

Dont forget about Fantuz my Rider brother!

my prediction for 2007; There will be a schedule someday.

Well Sambo the fact you have lost a few players due in part to a bulging salary and new coaching will not have an effect on your team is laughable at best. Because your team beat the stamps in the last game of the season makes them superior. The Eskimos last do not bet your farm on that one. The had to use a very young offensive line last year and they will be better I am sure this year. Their offense suffered because of a lack of imagination and became predictable. The Lions will no doubt be hard to push out of first place. But the Riders are the team that will be painting the basement green and white. Sorry but new coaching staff and several new faces makes me think that is where they will be. The Stamps and the Eskioms will be fighting game by game for second in my opinion. In the East those dam bombers have a shot at first. Yes pappa pick yourself up from the floor rw2005 has put the first place curse on them. Montreal will challenge for it but if Taman gets off his lazy butt and finds two more receivers this could happen. Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton will fight it out for positions but I think it will be much closer in the standing this year. Injuries may play apart where each team will end up. Hamilton has to over come new coaching and this could take time.
That is my take on the up coming season but like someone said to early to tell and you can base decisions on the changes that have occured off season. But there are TC to watch and the preseason. We should make these picks then.
SAmbo what you take goofy pills Ricky Ray is one of the best QB's in the league ( ah that makes me sick to type that) but thats be realistic here.

Well, I dont know if you watch TV, but we have this young guy named Shemar Bracey. Dude is a solid RB.

Also to everyone who thinks that QB is the last thing Edmonton has to worry about: (No Offence...but)Dont talk so stupid. Just because somebody hasnt been injured in the past doesnt mean they are invincible... If Ricky Ray goes down, then you all are 'F'ed.

O and btw Sambo, i agree with your predictions, except I think BC will be 3rd for some reason, with either SK or Calgary in 1st..

How can you base a prediction on an injury? They have not played a down of football yet? Is this a coulda, woulda, shoulda prediction? Thats wait to see TC before we make these predictions.