Predictions: Bottom Feeders (WPG) @ Tired Leaders (TOR)

Peg: 22
T.O: 19

Toronto may be tired, and hasnt really had the proper time to prepare for Winnipeg. since toronto already has a bad rush defense, i think Roberts will have a field day. i expect Damon Allen to another big day against a Winnipeg D who gives up alot through the air. redzone defense and getting TDs instead of FGs will be a factor. if it comes to FGs, i would put my faith in Prefontaine



I changed my prediction.............
Champs bring the Peg back to reality.....Argos 34 Bluebombers 11

TO has a “bad” rush defence?? Friggin’ news to me…they’re champs BECAUSE of their D. This game will ONLY be close due to the schedule maker but the Argos are going to walk.

Toronto has the 3rd worst Rushing Yards allowed (ahead of Hamilton and Ottawa)

They allow the 2nd worst rushing yards per game (ahead of Hamilton)

They allow 5.4 yards per rush.

They have a terrible Rush Defense, and did last year too.

They won because of thier pass defense, and in the CFL the game is often 80% passing

And the schedule is like this because of Scheduling conflicts at the Rogers Center.

If they'd moved to York, they wouldn't have this problem

They're Champs Because Of Their Pass Defence, Toronto Has The Worst Run De In The League But The Argo Secondary Causes Lots Of Turnovers And Very Few Deep Passes As Well As A Very Strong Pass Rash And Great Covering LBs. That Said The Only Way That Winnipeg Will Win Is If Roberts Get At Least 5 Yards On Every Carry And Winnpeg Doesn't Pass The Ball At All The Entire Game. It's In The Skydome, Even With The Resent Game Against The Very Powerful Montreal Team Winnipeg Doesn't Stand A Chance.

Toronto 27 Winnipeg 17

I picked Toronto in BigDaves pool, and tomorrow's game will decide if i am 3-2 or 2-3 for the week. So...Damon better take his Geritol and give me a "W" :twisted:

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oops.....7/31/2005 :oops:

i think the bombers will come out with a win tomorrow over t.o . with less than 4 days to prepare for another grueling football game will take its toll with them. Winnipeg has some fresh legs and they got Charlie Roberts in the back field. there are to many intangables that would make toronto lose this game. and its not because i am biased to winnipeg too.

I hope TO. brings it's best win situation for Daley....if Bombers lose media pundits will say....they couldn't even beat a tired team with an ol' fart at QB...........or if they win they'll say...... the Bombers just beat- up on a' tired' team with no rest......don't like this scheduling.... I like it even up.....then you can tell whose the real bottom feeder..... :lol:

I hope Winnipeg wins, because then the Bombers and Calgary will be tied, setting up one heck of a great game later this week.......

I will be there.............with my wife........

ARGOS 21.........WINNIPEG.............16.

If Toronto wins that one, it will reinforce the league's illogical belief that it is okay to give a team two games within a five days span.

I hope Winnipeg wins it for that...

... well, in fact, I mostly wish Winnipeg wins it so that the Argos stay easily catchable in the East division... but my first reason is still good nonetheless.

Should be a good game, and I agree with papaz, but hey if the argos are exhausted blame the schedule maker, if the bombers dont turn the ball over, they win.

I predict TO will win 34 -27. :wink:

i little late don't you think dentor?