Predictions? Argos vs Bombers

Anyone care to put up a prediction on this weekend's game?

All I can say is that Spergon better get his head out of his...well, wherever it was in the first half of the BC game. Hopefully he's figured out that the O-line is only good for 2-3 receiver reads, and NO re-reads.

Argos bounce back at home 24-16

Well you got to expect the Argo defense will show up this game. But I think they will adjust and make it a game. Low scoring and the Argo's win late in the game.

Argo offence cant handle a defence so good my prediction is

27-14 Bombers

the Bombers have absolutely sucked in TO for as long as I can remember....even with Spurg, I have to give the edge to the Argos...but I hope I am wrong...

23-17 For the Blue & Gold

Another prediction is that Albert Johnson will return a punt or kick for a Touchdown.

Pretty good guess Pokeys, the BB's defense look like they're for real. Argos aren't going to do much on offense until they get Damon Allen back and their defense is weaker without Cantor and Fletcher.
Glenn played a good controlled short game which was what the Argos give teams...the Bombers look like a well coached team.

holy **** Quick sign pokeys up for them analysist committee who predicts the scores. 1 Point off. LOL


heheh :slight_smile:...

Missed that Albert Johnson prediction though :frowning: .