Predictions anyone!

49-10 Lions

no rain

I'm with you WestCoast.I think the game will be a blowout for the Lions.Although the score maybe not as bad as 49-10.I predict 39-17.Because Riders have no ground game today,Joseph will be held in check.Lions D will not make same mistakes Calgary made last week.Lions have too much talent,and are healthy,on both sides of the ball.Go Leos. :smiley:

Won't be a blow-out if you guys keep committing turnovers. :stuck_out_tongue:

...ah yes, least the 39-17 one could still come true...

I think this one may come down to the last one scoring wins

We're cooked !! 2 min left and we aren't going to make it~~that's my prediction !

We sucked.

BobbyP, the Lions don't *** which was proven by there regular season finish. I think they maybe took the Riders for granted, and the hype maybe got to them. JJ wasn't on his game and you lost Rasoulli early so there wasn't much protection on DD. Just a thought. Anyway thanks for a great game!!!

Yeah, I'm not so sure throwing DD in was a good idea... He played what, 3 regular season games?