Predictions 09


Montreal 10-8- I think this year they'll regress because teams will be more prepared for what they do offensively and Anthony is a year older and he still cant throw deep anymore, many times last year he missed wide open receivers down field due to poor accuracy and arm strength and i can see teams sitting on all the underneath rink a dink stuff a lot more this year untill he proves he can still beat you deep. They still have tremendous talent on both sides of the ball, top notch coaching and im sure their scouting has found a few more diamonds in the rough like they do each year.

Hamilton 9-9 what killed us last year was inconsistency at receiver and poor all around o-line play. The o-line has been upgraded drastically at tackle and Marcoux is back from a serious injury. On defence our biggest weakness was coaching and pass rush as well as defending the run, Greg Marshall is solid and should instill a blue collar type mentallity and allow his db's more freedom to challenge and get physical with receivers which is a sharp contrast to Creehan's vanilla zone packages. The front 4 is still a question mark but improved, which isnt saying much.

Toronto 7-11 They should be better, they made some nice offseason moves in aquiring Rob Murphy and their offence should be a whole lot less predictable with Androis.

Winnipeg 4-14 Bauer is going to prove himself to be the CFL's version of Matt Millen. They have no o'line and no qb and their head coach is going to have a hard time getting in and out the locker room because his head is so big.. good luck. Mike Kelley is going to spend all training camp wondering where Matt Dunigan, Gerald Alphin, Chris Wilcox and Walby went.


Edmonton 12-6 Best talent in the league on offence and the best defensive coach in the league

Calgary 10-8 sno changes to their 08 team but still no proven back up to Burris

BC 6-12 their o-line is weaker and receivers arent that great, teams can now freely double down on simon without having to worry about Clermont and I'm not a fan of any of their qb's. on d losing Cam wake is the biggest loss any team has had to face this offseason and it doesnt help that they have relied on their D to carry them since losing Dave Dickenson. Their major issues at qb will be magnified without an o-line or a d capable of carrying them when their o sputters.

Sask- they're bringing a lot of rookies in this year, they have no proven qb, a good system though, losing Richie Hall is their biggest loss. Etcheverry is a blitz nut and is going to get torched in this new era CFl, the coaching is now too good for a team to be one dimensional the way Gary likes to be

See Bauer kind of reminds me of Al Davis :lol: They but like to have their "buddies" and sphincter kissers around...

I want to see the following before I make predictions.

Hamilton : Receivers and Defense front

Winnipeg: Kicking, Qbing and Oline

Toronto: Well just about everything

Montreal: Secondary and running game

In the West

Calgary has to rebuild their front four (exception of Labinjo)
BC: I think they have all the guys covered except Wake

I honestly haven't followed any teams, other than the cats, that closely.

I don't know records but this is how I see the standings being:


I think the Cats will go 8-10 and have a home playoff date. Anything can happen!

Nice to make predictions, but you must be aware that there are 72 games; the 7 teams,except Sask., have a record of 58-68, as per your predictions; will Sask. be 14-4? Only way to get at 72-72. Could be less than 72-72,if tied games; should nevertheless total 144.

Back to your "drawing board".


Let's see who can get to week one healthy and we'll go from there. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

By the way,my predictions are:









BC -10-8

I predict an Eskimos vs Tiger Cats Grey Cup.

that would be epic! And it could be like the one in the 80's i think where the esks were stacked and every1 said we'd get creamed but we creamed them. classic :thup:

Oh no, not this prediction thing again!!!

Every year at this time same thing, we look great on paper etc

Let's wait until after the pre-season and then do the predictions!!

it never hurts to discuss our chances vs every1 else. we're having a friendly discussion cuz we're all mad bored waiting for the season to start. take a chill pill

  1. Stamps
    Hands down best team in the league with Smilin' Hank

  2. Lions
    Even without Stefan Logan they look solid

  3. Riders
    They proved last year that they're for real, injuries and all.

  4. Eskies
    Can't believe some people are predicting them to be in first. Still lots of questions there.

  5. Montreal
    Popp always brings in great veterans. He's never afraid to give guys a 2nd or 3rd chance.

  6. TiCats
    Offseason was OK. Glenn will be starter by Week 5.

  7. Argos
    Watch for Kerry Joseph to rebound with a very strong year.

  8. Bombers
    Stefan Lefors QB....come on. Too many changes there.

that game was all about our defense. i believe it was 10 turnovers our defense got for us.

helluva dline and unfortunately I don't see anything anywhere close to that in the 2009 version.

I was 4 when that happened but I faintly remember remember it being such an upset. I used to watch it every once in a while on BETA cuz my uncle had taped it and gave it to my dad.

That was such a good game to watch. I watch it every once in a while now on DVD.

I don't see the Cats in the Grey Cup this year. Montreal is going to be the beasts in the East and whoever meets them in the East Final will just be lambs being led to the slaughter.

I will make my prediction after the final whistle of the week 1 game. Pre-season games show individual efforts a lot more than team efforts since guys are being sent on and off the field all game.

I want to see the first regular season game first.

At the very least though I believe the team will certainly be better.

That's the closest prediction to what I was thinking, Richard, with one exception........I think you're overrating the Argos, I think they'll be in a dogfight with the Bombers for 3rd place/4th place.

2) TiCats Offseason was OK. Glenn will be starter by Week 5.
We have a good off-season, how good we won't know until later on. I'm not sure about Glenn starting over Porter by week 5, the only way I see that happening is if Porter get's injured.

Hamilton will be 8-10 for the season. They will start off slow because the players will need a few games
to jell. (even the new vet's) so we will lose the first two games, then win game three, we will split
the rest of the games. hence 8-10 season. There may be a cross-over but it will be played at IW.
There you go fokes.

Not another give them time to gel chant. PLEEEEEEEASE!


Sask (crossover ahead of Hamilton)

Lol I dont believe in preseason results, considering we have more preseason wins than reg season wins in the last 4 years. Timmy Chang is in the ticats preseason hall of fame.

Good one.

How many times do you guys play Toronto this season, that's how many wins you'll get. :wink: