My Prediction is BC 34 Blue Bombers 18
Go Lions!!!!

After what happened on Sat...I don't think I want to predict anymore...

(though if O'Mahony had nailed his field goals, I would have been right on the money).

Hey guys I have watched the Lons all season win by big and small over everyone. At the same time I watched my home town Blue and Gold win big and small ver everyoe and lose some really close games. The game that comes to mind is the victory over tha aloutettes 51-46 early in the season for the first win. It was the third highest scoring cfl game of all time, and well it was at Canad Inns in Winnipeg. Don't think you will come into winnipeg with 1 QB able to play, and a weak offensive line and expect to win. Joe Fleming and Tom canada will eat Pierce alive. Pierce will take a huge beating by the bombers defensive front. By the end of the game he will have to e pealed of the turf. the weather might just prove problimatic again just like it did against the riders. I think that BC is in for quite a ride when they travel to the peg.


depends on who plays quarterback for BC, I have heard rumours here that maybe printers makes the trip. If it is Pierce then the Peg wins and BC drops three straight, DAMN STINKING OUT THE JOINT IN HAMILTON. If printers or dickenson plays then BC should snap their streak.

Ya know, I would disagree with that. The way Printers played the last time he was in, I don't think he has win right out of the gate. Printers is going to need a couple of fulltime games before he's in shape to start nailing the defenses. Pierce, OTOH, has the game reps, and I think is more than talented enough to give us the win in Winterpeg.

I agree... Printers has so far only been a one year wonder.. I think Buck totally has the ability to win games for us... he just needs to prove it...and the chance to excel... I hope we win this game but I am not going to hold my breath if Duncan keeps doign as bad as he is doing... :?

Well, maybe Wally will give Greathouse a shot on Monday, it would sure show O'Mahony that he is in a fight for his job.

So some of you Bomber fans think Pierce isn't capable of beating you? Well the Riders (who are a vastly superior team to the Bombers) probably thought the same thing until Buck beat them and almost did it a second time ( and would have if not for O'mahoney) . IMO , Pierce is better than any of the Bomber QB's and is fully capable of beating you , it's not like the Lions haven't faced defences at least as good(and probably better) then yours .
DD may play , and I think he'll pick your D apart if he plays . But if he doesn't, I think Pierce will do likewise.

Dickenson 48 - Bombers 28


Bombers 37 - No Dickenson 34

ok calls there pigseye, but i think no matter who plays QB for BC it is goin to be a close game mainly because they defensive front for winnipeg, and if kevin glenn can read the defensive and toss the ball to stegall, and brazell, we r in for a good game, i got 3rd row seats, i'll keep all you BC fans informed.

bombers 35 - bc 28
buck is only as good as the hogs in front of him, who i'm afraid to say - suck big time and the only reason bc isn't 13-0. i think he's a decent qb, but the way some people are talking, he's the "2nd coming"! i don't think he's that good - yet anyways. he's gonna get creamed in the 'peg!

Forgotten is Dave Richie who may have his revenge against Winnipeg. Despite injuries, BC's defense is still among the best in the CFL. However Winnipeg's defense is the worst in yards allowed.

BC win games despite alot of quarterback sacks as indicated in winning streaks for 2 seasons. When quarterbacks hold onto the ball too long, the offensive line unfairly gets the blame. Dickenson was at fault for his concussion in Saskatchewan game because he tried to stop a defender returning his intercepted pass.

Underrated Buck Pierce has the 2nd highest QB efficiency rating - the standard method of rating quarterbacks.

yes but when Pierce was in he scrammbled alot. Although he did very well. He didn;t have thje confidence in his offensive line, and he started to et hit lot and blew it in the last 2 series, i don't think Pierce will hold up all game.

My prediction

BC 24


i sais it on man did i say it. I knew pierce would get hit and go down and i knew the Bom,bers would surprise the Lions and o man who was right. The bombers are still my gods and always will be.

I was close, I got BC about right but underestimated the Bombers. GO BOMBERS!

ya everyone but true bmbers fans under estimated us. BC expected to walk over us. Well to bad BC we killed you guys. HA! GO BLUE GO! tell them FBM, way to go bombers, you have 8th place locked up.....