I'm callin' three straight wins. You heard it here first.
This team is not far off. We pretty much shut down the hottest Offence in the league. The recievers are lookin' good. I haven't heard much from the Bauman haters lately. That kid's gonna be great.

I still think Casey is our best QB. I hope he's back but I think we got 2 guys who can win.

We're a hell of alot closer to being a contender this year than we have been in a long time. We're gonna take our bumps but we're gonna get there.

If we don't have faith we got nothing.

See ya in the play-offs.

Pass the kool-aid. It looks good!

i predict that if they lose in montreal it will be a different head coach behind the bench for the next game. I think the axe will fall soon unless they win. Maybe a new coach in montreal you say? or maybe you didnt but..........they will wait for a long week to swing the axe. But waiting too long can be bad also, we all see the coach firing window at late august but can they wait? After they lose in winnipeg on aug 14 they have two weeks off before next game, thats when me says they dump charlie. Charlie wasnt obies guy and coaching has hurt this team and obie knows it. Obie can take over with a few new wrinkles and some much needed enthusiasm(staying awake on the bench) and get a few wins just on that. Obie already knows who he wants as head coach and the question he waiting for the man to become available or can he get him right away?
The team has improved but with good coaching they would also have a couple wins they dont have. They make mistakes that coaching is responsible for flatt out. Blame dropped passes and bad passes but bad play selection, inability to make adjustments, personnel mistakes, ignorance of the rules of the game and a football 101 playbook is responsible for the record and its the easiest thing to change. For once they only need some coaching and a few players to contend.
Dont ask me who the new coach will be, thats obies job and he is capable of taking over if he needs to until he gets his man. It wont be charlie coaching this team at seasons end and if it is then we will be just a couple close losses away from a playoff spot, a good coach wins the close ones.

Beetlejuice - Right on. Charlie is sitting on a hot skillet awaiting the flipper.