At some point in the near future, when or if Chang's game begins to falter, Maas will come into the game to relieve him and have a brilliant performance (not that it will generate a win or continue in the future).
Yes, I know, it's not that much of a risky prediction, however, I do believe that it is quite possible.
Any thoughts?

I agree that that is a reasonable prediction (Maas having to relieve Chang, and delivering a superb performance)

Its Jason's forte to relieve and pick up a game. I don't think its beyond him to come out of such a situation with a win, either.

Its just I've lost confidence in his ability to start a game, and Chang will be a great change for how the team approaches a gameplan, with more of a "rifleman" at the pivot, who has better wheels than does Jason...

Well, if Chang does get into trouble, it really is Williams who should come in; we've seen more than enough of Maas recently, and the Cats really should be working on Chang and Williams in order to develop them for the future.

Can't quite agree, Gardisten...

Chang is getting his chance based on a good deal of reps in practice, I'm not sure that Williams, whatever his potential, will have to actually go in and take the chance to make it happen, that the team would get the win.

Yes, we do have to develop him (Wlliams) for future employment, or we've just wasted a year of his life and career, but Jason has done this before and is the big money on the team...for $300K gauranteed after Labour Day, he must be able to walk onto that field in relief and get it done...

do ticats go for a new qb

i like the ticats to win 24 to 17