Prediction tools

This might be useful/entertaining for those of you doing the pick'em contest. The Massey Ratings operate the same way.

Visitor's predicted score = Visiting team's offensive rating - home team's defensive rating - (home team's home field advantage rating / 2)

Home's predicted score = Home team's offensive rating - visiting team's defensive rating + (home team's home field advantage rating / 2)

Let me know what you think.

Pure points (the foundation of Jeff Sagarin's ratings) are as follows for next weekend.

Week 4

Edmonton - 19
Toronto - 25

Hamilton - 19
Montreal - 33

BC - 21
Ottawa - 17

Calgary - 6
Winnipeg - 8

Kind of floored Calgary and Winnipeg computes to a low scoring game!

Nothing is normal in the CFL. Maybe it's a ocean :ocean: tide thing :sweat_smile:

Prediction tools and their implementation:
Remove coin from pocket
Assign a team to each side of coin
Flip coin and make decision accordingly
Watch game and note that it's not impossible for a coin flip to be wrong % 100 of the time

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It seems my predictions are similar to those by the coin๐Ÿ˜

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The coin should have a 50% success rate. Our picks in the VGCC are probably somewhere around 40%. Yikes! :s

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I've been right bloody awful this year

Unbelievable, but it's better to be the road team in the CFL instead of the home team. Being the visitor is worth just over 4 points as an advantage. It's suppose to be the other way around!

That being said, have the referees ever stopped a game in this modern day era for too much noise being made by the crowd while the visiting team is on offence?

I believe that there used to be a rule where the visitors were allowed one free stoppage for noise, but I think that was only in the NFL and I don;t think that rule is still on the books. I can't remember if the CFL ever had a rule for that or if it was used.

There IS a rule however that states that once the offense breaks the huddle, the PA and house announcer (including music) must be silent or it's a 10-yard penalty. I have seen that thrown in the CFL but can't remember when. It was long ago, but I know for a fact that is the rule.