Prediction Time

Riders at Ticats - July 19.

Make a final score prediction and predict who scores the first TD of the game for the Tiger-Cats. I'll start it off by saying 29-24 Ticats and Mercer Timmis with the first Ticats major.

Another D battle. 20 - 18 Cats.

Who scores the first Ticats TD BillyDee?

White scores the first TD (leaned towards Toliver as I feel he will be given many chances /bounce back game)
Ti-Cats win by 15 ....37-22

I call Manziel from the SSK 1 yrd line! 8)

So you think Masoli will get injured or pulled before the first Hamilton TD.

Speedy. 24 yard catch and run.

No, I think Manziel comes in on short yardage and gets in on a fake to Timmis and runs in untouched! 8)

The only prediction I can, with a pretty confident gut feeling, make for this game is -- Tasker won't dress. And, that's a big part of why I wouldn't predict the outcome.

A Roar of a Route...GO CAT's !!!

My crystal ball is telling me that we will see a final score of Ti-Cats 31 Riders 17

It’s also telling me…

Score at the half will be Cats 21 Riders 6

Score going into the 4th quarter will be Cats 28 Riders 9

Toliver gets his revenge and the 1rst TD of the game .

Masoli gets his record 10th consecutive 300 + passing yds game .

Masoli winds up with 3 TD’s passing vs 0 ints in this one .

Banks and Saunders get the other 2 TD’s in the first half .

White gets his first rushing TD as a Cat in the 2nd half .

We only need Haj to kick for 1 fg in this game after accounting for all the points in the last one .

For the 5th consecutive game our back-up QB will be just that, strictly a back-up and won’t see the field once again in this one .

I think Bobo is a time traveller and therefore has an unfair advantage . I'm going with Bo squared. :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

So Ticats 961, Riders 289?

(And shouldn't that actually be Bo9.05538513813741 squared?)

  1. ;D 8) ;DYou will find out in approx 12 more hrs ....Stayed tuned !!! :wink:

Might as well just cancel the game. Now that I know what is going to happen what is there to see? Bobo has spoken. It's over.

I’m not as optimistic as Bobo but I do think the Cats will win and Masoli will set a new record

Cats by 17, 2 TDS and a FG, say 34-17, Saunders has the first TD.

Cats 39 Greenies 15

I say Whitlock scores our first TD with a short burst through the line and then just decides to run over the others rather than around them
And yes Masoli sets a record

It may be a donut box, but its our donut box!
Go Cats!

A football evening for the ages at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton vs Riders. Defensive back Delvin Breaux, the truest form of shutdown corners - 30-19 Tiger Cats.