Prediction Time

Well its Playoff time and the stage is set now lets place our bets (Not literally) :lol:

East Semi-Final- Toronto-17 @ Hamilton-32

West Semi-Final- BC-15 @ Saskatchewan-27

:D Hope the Semi's are a gooder!

Probably gonna be dead wrong on both picks, but I'll go down with the ship... (heh I'll be picking the Argos :lol: )

Toronto over Hamilton 23-17
BC over Saskatchewan 27-22

Hamilton 28 - Toronto 18

Sorry Argos, running Boyd against one of the best run defences in the league isn't going to win you this one.

Saskatchewan 31 - BC 19

I just don't see BC having what it takes to stop the plague's passing game

I'll make it 3 to 1:

Hamilton beats TO
Riders beat BC

Chief has been drinking again..... :rockin:

Hamilton beats TO


BC beats Riders! Durant gets 7 fumbles/interceptions and Dinwiddie comes in to finish the game. :twisted:

Hamilton 31 Toronto 18
Saskatchewan 35 BC 10

Owens returns a kick for a touchdown, other than that a couple of dull games.

Go Argos Go!

Argos stay close, Otis Floyd pulls another cranial-rectal insertion, this time gets ejected, Argos come from behind to squeak out a win thanks to a Pre FG in the dying seconds. Folks in Edm will be nodding and shaking their heads respectively.

BC surprises and takes an early lead. Riders storm back only to have injuries hamper them. Game turns into a 'who will make the last mistake' scenario. BC wins by a McCallum FG.

Here are some predictions from the TSN Pannel...

Hamlton 24 Toronto 10
BC 31 Saskatchewan 29

Toronto simply does not have the offense and the Riders will continue to cool off like they've been doing for the last half of the regular season.

Hamilton 24 Toronto 21

Sask 34 BC 20

"Matt Dunigan says the Tiger-Cats win if... they shut down Boyd, shut down Boyd and you guessed it, shut down Boyd!!!"

Well so far this year, the Tiger-Cats have ... shut down Boyd, shut down Boyd and you guessed it, shut down Boyd!!! Here's hoping for the sweep.

Ticats 26, Argos 14
Lions 19, Riders 17

Hamilton over Toronto

BC over Sask if they contain Fantuz

Tiger-Cats over Argos, 27-6

Lions over Riders, 28-24.

????? That hurt :cry:

It's a gut feeling. I know that the Riders are the better team, but I just can't shake this feeling that BC is going to do to Saskatchewan what they did to Hamilton last year.

No worries, I understand. I just posted on your site that Argos would win cause no one else had picked them. Kinda boring with no one disagreeing. If I put $2 down I'd either lose $2 or make a fortune with the ticat fans.

I'm pretty sure the ticats have the argos number this year, so I'm really picking them (but don't tell any of the ticat fans on their site or they'll ignore my post :frowning: ) :smiley:

Your secret is safe with me. :wink:

BC over Saskatchewan 32-23
Hamilton over Toronto 26-19

based purely on top secret complex mathematical calculations

sask - 28
lions - 27

ham - 26
argos - 22

the accuracy of these calculations have a variance of +/- 20, depending on the variable blowout factor.


btw, I think you were the only non-rider fan who said they would win...and from BC...interesting.