Prediction Time!!!

I was off the last two years, but I think I have the final season results for the Western Division:

Edmonton 12-6
Saskatchewan 12-6
Calgary 9-9
B.C. 6-12

Edm host and win West Final against Calgary

Montreal 12-6
Hamilton 11-7
Winnipeg 7-11
Toronto 5-13

Montreal host and loses East Final against Hamilton

Edm beats Hamilton in Grey Cup Game!!!


My predictions never seem to work out, but it's fun none the less. So, I'll take a run at it.

Montreal; 13-5
Hamilton; 10-8
Winnipeg; 7-11
Toronto; 5-13 ( although I hope they do better.

Edmonton; 12-6
Calgary; 11-7
Sask.; 10-8
B.C.; 6-12

Montreal wins east final over Tiger-Cats,
Edmonton wins West final over Sask.

Grey Cup; Edmonton; 29
Hamilton; 19

ooops, :oops: caught my error from my previous post prediction;

Grey Cup 2010
Edmonton; 29
Montreal; 19

I made my predictions in the main board, but I can't remember what they were. I'll track them down tomorrow. I just hope the Esks play some damn good football. I'm still a little ticked about the way things ended last season. That was flatout embarrassing.

We made some good moves to improve the offence, and we've finally got someone competent running the defence. So let's go Esks! Let's win some games!


last in the west , no crossover.

On the bright side, Hamilton is 0-2. :lol:

The plus side for me is; Congrats goes out to Calgary on their victory today which puts me back to 3-3 in the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge. Should be another dandy tonight at Empire Fields as I picked the Green Riders to win. It's the game on Sunday in Edmonton that is a concern as I chose the Eskimo's to win. Why: Going 0-2, Yikes, I have faith that we''ll find a way to win with our special teams and also perhaps getting points off turnovers. Then again it's the defending Grey Cup champs who will be ready to knock us down to 0-2. Interesting games so far. :thup: