Prediction time

I know it's early yet, but how about a prediction of how many double-digit losses we have this year.....I'll say an even 10

I know it's early yet.. but how many double digit posts will you have before you make a Ticats double digit loss prediction... I say 26.. what do I win??

3 wins unless we find a good coach and spend a couple $$$... Corey Mace anybody???

Corey Feldman.. has the EXACT same amount of CFL experience Mace does.. should we sign him too??

How about Corey Hart,

maybe Cory in da house too

Judging from tonight's game. We'll be lucky to get 4 or five wins. If we can't beat Toronto that only leaves Winnipeg as the team we could potentially beat. But we lost to them in preseason too. I know preseason does not matter, but maybe it does. We'll see when ticats play the bombers.