Prediction time: who wins the 99th Grey Cup?

Who wins the 99th Grey Cup?

i voted for Hamilton.
they looked very good in the 2nd pre-season game, and improved their 2 biggest weaknesses ( kicking and RB ), as well as added size the their receiver corps.

voted lions for consistency
if Argos lose I'll cheer for the orange cats over Montreal and Hamilton anyday.

Tiger-Cats what can I say. :wink:

I see I'm not the only Eskimos homer. :lol:

I think they will have the Defence to do it.

Plenty of stars on this team, I think we'll get it done.
Kevin Glenn, Dave Stala, Arland Bruce, Maurice Mann, Avon Cobourne, Marwan Hage, Peter Dyakowski, Stevie Baggs, Justin Hickman, Rey Williams, Jamall Johnson, Markeith Knowlton, Justin Medlock, and more aggressive offensive/defensive scheme's.Perhaps we'll see the end of screen right, screen left punt.Screen left, screen right, punt.Screen left, 2 yard run, punt.And on defense a little less "what a nice 89 yard drive by Henry Burris!" and more "WOW! What a pick 6 by Jerome Dennis!"
I have a good feeling about this year, but hey.Homer pick :wink:

I already know who is going to win, but I have been paid to keep it a secret 8)

I think the secret is out: they wear a big "double E" on their helmets.... :wink:

Riders and Hamilton in the Grey Cup with the Riders coming out on top. Actually from the lineups I've seen so far it's up for grabs - should be one heck of a season - Good Luck to all teams.

While they could be correct,I am somewhat surprised that the majority-so far- of respondents choose the Tiger-Cats to win the 2011 Grey Cup.

Yes,they were 9-9 in 2010,but 6 of these wins came against Toronto (3) and Winnipeg(3); against the better teams,i.e. Calgary,Montreal and Saskatchewan, they won 1 game out of 7.

Will the results be the same or better,in 2011? I don’t think so; in fact, I say that they will win less than 9 games in 2011 and Toronto will be ahead of them.They may have added Avon Cobourne but,if we compare the active roster of November 14,2010 and the present, we realize that 20 players,including many starters,are gone/injured/retired. Presently,there are only 5 defensive linemen on the roster,including a 2011 draft choice; there are not too many CFL all-stars amongst their DB/CB; I suppose,like they did this morning, that they will try to improve by signing players released by other teams.

I definitely don’t think that Hamilton will be in the 2011 Grey Cup game. It will be Calgary and Montreal and the Als will prevail.

Have a good 2011 CFL season.


I voted Calgary to win vs Montreal in Vancouver. Anyway, cheers to all.

My heart says Ti-Cats but my head says Stamps


Ditto. I just can't see my Eskies doing much of anything this year :cry:

How is Toronto, a 3-4 player team going to beat us in the rankings when your logic is that we don't have enough good players with departures?We have way better players everywhere but the secondary and at KR.Yeah we lost Otis Floyd but we upgraded to Rey Williams.Yeah Demonte Bolden's gone.But he amassed 3 sacks in 2 years, Smith has proven himself the better pass rusher.Yeah, Greg Marshall left.But now we're going to stop playing soft D and do everything in our power to stop the opposition ASAP instead of waiting for them to hand us the ball.Yeah we lost Bauman, but what did he do in his entire Ticats career besides nothing?Matt Carter has caught everything thrown his way from day 1.Yeah we lost Cobb.But now we have a speedster that can change directions on a dime in Terry Grant, and a power runner/blocker/receiver in Avon Cobourne.Yeah we lost Sandro DeAngelis but we got Justin Medlock whom hasn't missed a kick since becoming a Ticat if i'm correct.The only thing i'm even remotely concerned about is our secondary and even then i'm not that worried.Ryan Hinds has improved drastically over last year, and the new juggling exercises in camp are making our DB's more sure handed.The Cats might not win it all, but hell will freeze over before a 4 man team tromps us in the rankings :lol:

Hope it is the Riders but I have a feeling it will be BC Lions.

Lions vs TiCats

Lions -TiCats, with BC winning of course.
Travis Lulay has his coming out party and cements his position as top up and coming QB in the league.

Bombers of course. :lol:

I predict a Toronto Vs Hamilton Grey Cup (Crossover) with the Argos winning it! My other prediction is that the Riders are once again over the cap and have tons of excuses to try and justify it.