Prediction Time:'s writers' Week 4 picks

TORONTO — It’s an example that shows you just how quickly a team’s fortunes can change in the CFL.

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RECORD lat week 3-1 YTD 8-4

Home teams 9-3 to date. I'll roll the dice with 4 AWAY wins.

The bold young Lion King is plucky
And gets to throw to guys like Lucky.
This week I will pick up the roar
And say they'll win it by a score.

These 2 teams losses total 6.
There's lots of things for them to fix.
The Cats look like they're getting worse.
Improving Elks should break the curse.

Gone is Evans, gone is Clark.
Things for Riders looking dark.
Though it's really hard to do.
Thank you Riders, I'll take 2.

The Bombers to the East they go
To face a battered team Argo.
The contest ought to be a dandy.
But no revenge this week for Andy.


this week we start getting some clarity on the Redblacks??? are they as close to contender status as they appeared in two close losses to the Bombers. they have the perfect opportunity to stake their claim against the Lions. well-rested at home. playing a team dealing with the long-travel on a short week. if the Lions manage to pull this one out they maybe we have to accept all the hype is real. I don't think they will though. at this moment I think the top two teams in the east are Montreal and Ottawa. having said that I think the Riders get their revenge on the Alouettes in the home portion of their home and home series. Hamilton gets in the win column at home against the Elks. the Winnipeg-Toronto game is mystifying to me. I think the Bombers are the better team but playing in Toronto has traditionally been problematic for the Bombers. the Bombers suffered their only meaningful loss of 2021 in Toronto... for what it's worth the bombers have a couple extra rest/preparation days. I think the Bombers defense coming off their best game of the season in week three will be able to handle MBT. and move to 4-0.

Jamie and Chris are just fooling around! Ottawa to beat the Lions??? LOL!
The Jones Squad isn't ready for those hungry Ticats, I see a big Friday Feast on Elk meat for those cats.
The prairie dogs are a tough bunch when they are fighting on home turf but I am thinking the Birds on Saturday are going to pick them gopher bones clean.
And unfortunately, the Argo fleet is going to be sunk by the mad Bombers, come Monday.

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I'm hoping for another MBT temper tantrum. He's the Fajardo out east.

Honestly a bit worried that the Bombers might choke this game away. The past 2 outings in Toronto have been problematic for us to say the least. Would love to see the offence put up 30+ points to compliment the solid defence play we have been getting.

Every game this week has some intrigue for different reasons.
BC has been playing fantastic (both home games) but its not like Ottawa has been playing bad and I'm going with the Redblacks in this one.
Edmonton also improving but don't think it will be enough to beat Hamilton.
Montreal is interesting because they could very well be 3-0 and think this will be a great game and as much as I'd like to go with Montreal, think the Riders will win at home.
After last weeks blow out in BC, it will be interesting to see how Toronto comes out this week but have to think, as long as Winnipeg don't take them lightly, that the Blue Bombers should come out with a win in this one.

What you rhyme Sure is true,
But it also makes me blue.
I still cheer my ever loving Eskies,
as much as my 4 legged husky.
The Elks might recover to days of yore,
But not yet, coach Jones has a big chore

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Relax Hometown Fan. Da Bombs are getting better and better every week. It's Toronto that's GASP GURGLE choking... somebody get that team a heimlich maneuver!!!

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That manoeuver was retired after Ernst Heimlich tried it while with the Winnipeg RCAF in '42. Though resurrected a few times recently apparently it didn't keep any of the teams from "choking".

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Like it Esky.:sunglasses:

Montreal is not only the most under-rated team in the league, it is also the most under-reported.

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You are just jealous of Cody. On MBT have to admit was not attractive watching his temper tantrum, though HC said that's passion he likes to see. I have seen dozens of comebacks in my CFL life but was clear this one was over midway 3rd qtr, should have given Chad the playing time. Btw am a MBT fan and he is undisputed starter. Play calling from HC very troubling.

Cody Fajardo is fantastic, Maas was a horrible OC hire, I predicted that moment Maas named OC, am on record here I believe.

Ottawa over BC
Ham over Esks
Sask over Montreal
Argos over Bombers

Am guaranteeing all above. I would bet if winning was just picking the winner, this over under stuff for losers

Did you want to post your picks to see how they'll rank against OUR picks on the CFL / GCC thread?

Ottawa and Montreal might pull off upsets this week.
Winnipeg and Hamilton should both win.


BC 22 26 OTT
EDM 18 20 HAM
MTL 24 32 SSK
WPG 32 21 TOR
Last week my SSK prediction was wrong and this time, the home team! First away home for BC. First OTT, HAM win..

BC 31-21, Hamilton 17-7, Riders 27-23, Winnipeg 24-14

The final game in Week 4 cannot come soon enough. My hometown Argos loaded with Phoney questionable status players host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I hope the Boatmen upset the 2 time defending Grey Cup Chumps-typo CHAMPS. Never did like the Bombers in the East or West division, my friends and I called them the Misfits :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: :exclamation:
P.S. This is one Bomber HOF I did enjoy viewing-Do you recognize this classic archive :question: The game is on at 6:30am in Thailand on Tuesday July 5/2022 :thailand:

That's gotta be (Ralph) Dieter Brock dropping back to sling one of those finger shattering darts into the secondary of the... Eskimoes? Maybe?! That was the ONE team that he could never get past in the playoffs.