Prediction Time:'s writers' Week 13 picks

TORONTO — As the Alouettes, Ticats, Bombers and Stampeders knocked off their opponents one-by-one last week, a group of pick-makers scattered across the country were glued to what was happening in front of them.

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Quick Note... It is SSK @ MTL the article talks about it being at @SSK. You might want to make a correction.


I'm a Lions fan, but I'm a little surprised at a 50/50 split. Even I wouldn't give those odds the way they've been playing.

The writers also mention temperature in the parries at the end of the write up. I think they're confused.

Dear writers,

Sask play in Montreal, no one cares about what temp the parries are at during kick off. Lmao

Research can be tough for writers sometimes I guess ... :roll_eyes:

Hacks comfortable in their cushy jobs.

No they mean that the high expectation Temp in the Prairies for the Rider's fan base, because of their dissappointment in their team's performance against Montreal, will fall below 0 ! LOL !

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The lions are getting Lucky and that could change the Lion's performance. :lion:

Uh, yeah, also I noticed the writers at the beginning of the predictions said that the Als, Tigercats, Bombers and Stamps knocked off their opponents last week. In reality, the Stamps lost, and the Riders won. How hard is it to check their own stats??

As CFL fans, we suffer a lot. TSN definitely has tech issues they don't seem able to resolve(Anyone else notice a lack of definition for some of their cameras?) & a that constantly feeds us incorrect statements & facts, due to sloppiness. But we're tough, we can take it.:wink:

haha, yeah but they get PAID for their sloppiness. If that was a player always making mistakes, they wouldn't be on the team anymore

As others have mentioned, it's hard to take these predictions seriously when the writers think that Calgary won last week and that this week's Riders-Als game is in SSK, when it's actually in MTL.

I like to think the mistakes are spread around by all. If most rested on one writers shoulders well then off with his head!(or maybe just fired, depending on my mood.)

I can see Hamilton taking Edmonton, BUT when does a team become a spoiler/wounded animal that has nothing to lose? To me that's more dangerous.

Hamilton is just getting momentum true, but not vs top teams by comparison. They can win this, but should be looking at set plays and confidence that can boost them into East contention and being somewhat competitive vs Western teams that seem to have an upper edge.

Also to have more of a clean injury sheet, that seems to plague most teams and especially them this season...

IF they can achieve this, than I'll be happy this week!

Also good to know I have a better PickEm score than all the writers right now... :wink:

The quality of the sports writers in this country has really dropped in the last 20-30 years. First just the style of writing itself, everybody writes first person, it's really lazy. Then there's the melodramatic flow.

Like this.

Then there are the incomplete sentences and other grammatical junk and typos.

Then there are the ones who think that they're experts when it's clear that they barely know the difference between guard and tackle. It's pretty bad when the best writers are Cauz and Landry simply because they openly admit that they're not x and o experts.

Come on guys, you're sports writers. You have the easiest AND LEAST IMPORTANT job in the world. You live the dream! But that's not enough, you still have to mail it in while the rest of us stiffs have to bust our asses every day to put food on the table and shoes on the kids' feet at jobs that most of us hate.

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Wow!! Impressive analysis! Thanks for the intelligent view, so agree! How hard can it be to get the facts straight!? Pretty sure we deserve at least that, as committed CFL fans!! Kudos to you, prairiedog72, for telling it like it is!

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yeah buddy

It will be interesting to see how BC plays this week against Toronto. The drubbing the Lions received last week against the Bombers is not only a total embarassment for the fans but I am sure the rest of the league as well. How can a team play that bad?????. I am thinking there is more to it than "just a bad night"