Prediction Time:'s writer picks for Week 14

TORONTO — If you’re looking for a theme as we head into Week 14 action in the CFL, how about drama?

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Even though every Bomber game is a nail biter and could go either way no matter who plays them... they're still the 'free spot' on the Bingo Card. Bet against them at your peril. :grin:

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They've already used up 1 horseshoe, lucky charm, a rabbit's foot & 2 four leaf clovers Maaax, so betting against them don't scare me much. :sunglasses:But not this week - Riders are inept even playing Eastern teams so I'll stick with the Bombers for this week.

Dan took Trevor over Vern.
This week marks Adams' return.
Will it haunt him keeping Harris?
Vern will Danny's Als embarrass.

Another QB seeks redemption.
Nick, ex-Argo, needs no mention.
But REDBLACK home wins are so rare.
The Argos take it by a hair.

I'll take oranges over mangos.
I'll take guitars over "banjos".
But going into this week's "Bowl"
The Bombers over Riders roll.

I do feel sorry for Cornelius.
Another loss the Stamps will deal youse.
It'll take a year for his arrival.
This year's about Taylor's survival.


For the record. Last week 2-2, YTD 33-18. Have used up a horseshoe or 2 in there somewhere/:sunglasses:

Haven’t you heard? Kyle Walters has started buying lucky items on the black market to replace those used during the course of the season. Rumour has it that he has already purchased a lucky toonie (twice as good as a lucky loonie right?), some black cat repellent and some unbreakable mirrors for the Bombers locker room for good measure!! The luck just can’t run out! :smiley::+1:t2::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Aaah, yes, the black market. I have a couple of de Koonings in my living room directly across from an undiscovered Jeff Koons. :sunglasses: I get all the authentic stuff there at bargain prices. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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the CFL Black Market brought to you by the Canadian Mafia no doubt...

The most difficult pick for me in Week 14 is the game this Friday. The Als coming off a dreadful loss to the Redblacks and the Lions coming off a loss & Bye :question: Here are my :tophat: :four: Lions- :anchor:'s-Bombers-Stamps

CFL Pick'em record 37 Wins 14 Losses 73%-7,816 points-800 streak points My Current ranking-222nd

P.S. The million dollar :question: is Who is the starting QB for the Lions :upside_down_face: :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Don't forget the Jackson Pollack in your bathroom. :joy::joy:

Too steamy. Got "Dogs Playing Poker" there. :rofl:Dad loves it.

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Apparently Pipkin has been named the starter. But Adams will dress.

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I wouldn't say the Als stacked two good wins. One was thanks to an offside on the goal line and the other was a last second field goal ( of which one similar was missed earlier in the season.) Neither win was convincing.

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These writers (all 6) are Brutally Bad in their predictions. Just picking the Home Team in almost EVERY game would give you the same result as these "experts".