Prediction Time:'s Week 16 writers' picks

TORONTO — This week’s (early) picks are served to you on a Double Blue platter, alongside a hearty helping of crow for our pick makers.

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I am a little surprised that 4 out of 6 writers took the Bombers on the road in Week 16. I picked all the home teams in Week 16. The Stamps will bring their "A" game in hopes of repeating the Bombers 2019 run of 4 victories in a row. :exclamation:

Writers picking Argos over Elks was because they were not paying attention. Why would TO play their Starters in a nothing Game. Same thing with picking Montreal over Ottawa although the Als might play some starters as they still have a chance of Home field advantage, if Ticats lose. Picking BC over Elks is a OK choice as this game is another nothing game for both. But the Elks have the disadvantage of 2 games in 3 straight days. Hamilton over Sask is an easy and wise pick. Riders will be resting most starters and Ticats could need the win for home field advantage, depending upn how the Montreal Game goes. Picking Winnipeg is most likely again not the best choice as some starters will be resting, however since this is another nothing game, I would say Stamps will also be resting some starters but using this game as a warmup for the Semi-final against Riders. However opinions are not a guarantee so lets get it on.

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Bombers wanna win this one while the Stamps are sitting BLM. :grimacing:

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Both teams will rest guys but Jake Maier > McGuire x100.

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Also, every 38 yards thrown by McGuire yields 1 interception.

So if a train carrying McGuire leaves the station in Winnipeg travelling west at 80Km per hour, how long before someone figures out that we need to sign a better quarterback? I'll leave the math up to you guys. :thinking:

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I am really disappointed to hear that BLM will be sitting out this final league game at home versus the Bombers. Hopefully Jake Mair can get the very important win needed for "MOMENTUM"Week 8-1st place Stamps

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There is no such thing as a nothing game in professional sports. :exclamation: Have you ever heard the saying Winning isn't everything
Wanting to Is :question:
History has proven the value of winning prior to the playoff derby, it is vital in terms of "MOMENTUM" There are no throw away games in my sports world.

Let's see... the train left New York at 300 mph, and accelerated at a rate of 15 mph, and travelled 683 miles... what time did it get to Chicago?

If I knew everything I'd stand up and say, "never. The distance from New York to Chicago is 789 miles".

If I knew very little I'd stand up and say, "no train from New York can travel at 300 mph."

If I was a complete idiot I'd stand up and say, "it arrives approximately two hours after it leaves... but since the train crosses at least one time zone heading west, I wouldn't have nearly enough time to finish making out with the judges wife." :smiley: :+1: