Prediction Time: writers' Week 9 picks

TORONTO — If you were the kind of kid (or perhaps are the kind of adult) that wanted dessert before dinner, or didn’t want to wait to open presents on your birthday, Week 9 of the CFL season is for you.

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WPG: WPG waiting with revenge :person_facepalming: -)
TOR: CGY still have a chance. TOR vs SSK showed TOR offence can be contained.
MTL: HAM still need to build the offence in big way.
SSK: SSK Defence will destroy OTT and SSK should ‘correct’ offence mistakes.

While I’d like to see the Argos at 7-0 for the first time in 150 years, they’ll have their work cut out for them. The Stamps are tough at home, and if memory serves, on their way to Grey Cup wins in 2017 and 2022 the Argos lost at McMahon Stadium 23-7 and 29-2 respectively. If I were to pick an underdog this week it would be Calgary.

First the Riders in week 2.
Now BC goes through it too.
Bombers have had 2 weeks rest.
Weary Lions they will best.

Another team on a short week.
Stamps will take one on the beak.
Argos have a long trip west.
Still they this week come out best.

The TiCats have been up and down.
Als last beat them in Ti-town.
Commander Cody & his bunch.
Should take this, I’ll say, on a hunch.

What’s happenin’ in Riderville?
Without Harris they look ill.
The Riders so far don’t impress
The REDBLACKS win this I will guess.


The 12% picking the stamps should report for drug testing immediately :joy::joy::rofl:

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These are my predictions for this week.

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I’m going with CHRIS O’LEARY again this week :beers:

EE fans will have something to cheer about this weekend, as there is a guarantee that they will not lose. And, it is really early in the season, but the Ottawa-Rider tilt has playoff implications. Without Harris, the Riders will struggle to make .500, ditto for Ottawa. Cgy. could dip to 2-9 with their next four against Toronto, twice, Wpg. and BC. But, the Riders need to be aware of a possible first-ever East crossover, if, somehow, OTT and Ham. catch fire. An EE 0-18 season does not look good for the league or the franchise. But, oh, how refreshing to wipe that smug know-it-all, smarter than everyone, look off Chris Jones’ face. Humble pie, for a not-so-humble guy! EE fans were so cocky…I wonder if they still have the sign entering Edmonotn: City of Champions…given that Oilers have been leaking oil for decades, and EE Cup runs have run out.

Home teams will win them all this week:
Riders, Bombers, Stamps, Cats.

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Argos are 6-0 but Stamps are not happy campers. I think the longer the streak the harder it gets to keep it alive. The big factor is the Argo Defence which is overlooked at times. Going to be close but its a tossup if Im betting even as an Argo fan.

Just read a quote from Sask OC Kelly Jeffrey. Clearly he is in over his head. The Riders put up over 450 yards vs Tranna, yet still didn’t score a TD until late in the game. Kelly’s answer: run the ball more on second and medium, and second and short. BRILLIANT!!! What a complete buffoon. The run gets stuffed and the kick team come on. And that is the OC’s answer to an anemic offense which can’t score majors. Great Kelley! Chalk up all those O yards between the 25-yard lines, and get zip after that!!! Case in point: riders’ first O series vs. Tranna. Second and two near midfield. Instead of one or two QB dives to move the chains, they hand off and Morrow gets stuffed behind the line of scrimmage, and they punt. Kelly, news flash: this is the CFL, not varsity ball. It is a passing league where second and medium means pass. Runs get stuffed, so move the chains. Not very often when a handoff deep in the backfield is successful on second down. Every play isn’t a TD play. So, get what you need. If you need two yards, and if it takes to dives, take it.

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With two games to go this weekend Bartstarr’s hittin’ out of the park. The Home Teams are winning! :smiley: :+1:

Honorable mentions go to Fansince1959 who wrote, “If I were to pick an underdog this week it would be Calgary…” AND Bigbounce who wrote, “Going to be close but it’s a tossup if I’m betting even as an Argo Fan.”

Everyone else including myself on this thread has at least one strike so far. :confused: